Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, November 28, 2011


Our check was cashed by Immigration a week ago!! Some families are saying 8 weeks for the fingerprint letters to come. Last year they came 3 weeks after they cashed our check!
Our Dossier is COMPLETE except for the I8OOA approval!!
All we need is our I8OOA approval!
Then we get first travel dates!! (Well after our Dossier is translated and submitted LOL!!)

Friday, November 25, 2011


My lap top died at 5 a.m. Thanksgiving day.

Everything I have in the world of electronics is on it! EVERYTHING!!

I can't even log into my e-mail.

I am using our teenagers (all teens share one lap top)homeschool lap top right now, to let everyone know that until we can get a $$$ geek to remove my information from my dead lap top and load it into my new computer....................................I can't even read my e-mail.

I'm not dead! I'm lost!! LOL!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanking God! Julius' heart!

Yesterday morning Julius saw the heart Dr. (we LOVE our pediatric heart Dr., we used to have to drive 75 or more miles to see a children's heart specialist)

It was fantastic news! No heart condition. His heart is fine. We were told from his Country that he was being "observed" for a heart condition that he could/should grow out of.

Nope! No heart condition!

Julius' heart is healthy!!

YEAH!! Praise God!

We have other medical mysteries with him, but so far he is a very bright healthy little guy!

Next is the ENT.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Boys who were deprived many years don't ask for anything

I wanted to share that we had made a big mistake and purchased many things for our little boys. Things that they do not like or know what to do with.

We bought Curious George, Toy Story and Handy Manny jammies and clothes. Just like their big brothers have/had. They could care less who popular characters are. They don't like TV or DVDs or even music! SHOCK! Clothes on or off mean nothing.

Tom saw that Julius loved a soft book when he visited them the first time. That was it, Julius held a book in his hands for 5 days. And Pauly liked nothing from what he could tell. So we did buy a few soft books. We also bought a stuffed bear for each, hoping they would attach to a soft toy. They never looked at the bears. Pauly chose our soft "Mr Worm" toy that is 11 years old and been thru 4 other kids. He is now chewing it up. So Mr Worm won't last another child. :o) I bought Julius a blue puppy that sings the abc song after he was home a month. Julius loves to manipulate electronics. But his favorite toy is carrying a small magnetic drawing board with its "pencil" dangling. He does not write on it, use it or play with it. He also loves his Lufthansa airplane toy to carry. Pauly hates manipulating electronic toys- he tries to shake them to death to get them to turn on. So he turns his back on everything except the vibrating teether and Mr. Worm.

Honestly, the things we already had- a few plastic trucks, blocks, a fun doorway from playschool that opens and shuts and plays music, some old baby toys. These things were already almost too much for little boys who have had nothing. We would have saved money by waiting until they came home.

All they needed was us.

The electronic story books we bought hold no interest. The soft cute blankies are chewed up and spit on. Their clothes mean nothing.

Some days I wonder if they'll ever "get it"? This is home. This is theirs. These things are fun. These characters are cute. We can dance to music! We can laugh at a "show".

But until then we just hold them. Work hard to keep their attention. We'd like them to learn from watching us but their attention span is 0. Right now Julius is trying to "get away" from everyone. He has cried alot the last 2 days out of frustration. Escaping is all he knows so we keep him with us. Pauly looks past us when we talk to him. We make alphabet sounds for them and teach them to talk quietly. They yell loud gurgling long sentences without consonants. They yell like they are talking to someone else? But we are the only ones here! They understand us more. We understand nothing they say.

My little survivors. I feel like Ann the teacher for Helen Keller. I want to reach in and pull them out. But until that happens they are still fighting all of this newness. The honeymoon is over. They want to go back now. Their stages of grief are predictable and long. We've done this with children before. It never gets easier. Often we cry with them, for the losses that they have had and for the losses they don't even know.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

THANK YOU!! and a Pauly update ;o)

Our luv bugs received a generous donation on Friday!
Thank You and God Bless you from Noah-Moses-Jacob and family!!

Pauly saw the ENT Friday morning. He is having his tonsils and adenoids out. We have 6 months from insurance approval to get the Urologist and the ENT to meet to do the head and bottom things!

Oh-boy! As if the Immigration approval, biometric prints 75 miles away on different days for 6 of us and Tom's first travel dates weren't enough to think about! LOL!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankfulness- the economy and boys in far away places :o)

I put up our fundraiser blog almost week ago. We have been beyond blessed to have three precious families donate items to our three boys. These are gifts from their hearts. The economy is bad, money is tight, work is hard to find. I am editing the post to leave the fountain up indefinitely. Maybe someone somewhere will be interested this spring. :o)
Please keep Sonya, Jamie and Heather (and their families) in your prayers. We cannot Thank them enough!!

I know hardship. We feel the economy here too. Our house value just dropped from $135,000.00 to $99,000.00. And yet the taxes went up again. If we were adopting from a Country that wanted "asset" values. We wouldn't have any right now! The real estate that we invested in (lake property, and 19 acres, both land with only garages) has much less value than before. Nothing is selling. Tom has only worked 11 years of our 35 year marriage. I support us. I lay awake in prayer too many nights asking God to care for our needs. But I'm far from complaining. We are beyond blessed by Him. He has NEVER let me down!

All of us living in America are beyond RICH here. We have the freedom to worship and express our faith. We have the right to free speech. (Which is not free, but paid for by our BRAVE Soldiers) We have "stuff" coming out of our ears compare to my 3 little boys in a far away place. We have food shelves and Churches that feed the hungry. I saw a woman on the MS*N*BC home page who said she feeds her children but skips meals because she does not have enough money. SERIOUSLY??? If this woman went to anyone's house- even mine- I know any one of us would feed her. I don't believe for a minute that any of us would not give this woman food. And be more than happy to do it! We are beyond blessed here in America! Praise God!

My 3 boys have potato water to eat/drink. They have such poor nutrition that they have health issues we don't see here. They have urine soaked clothes and sheets/ or no sheets. They wear urine soaked clothes. They are neglected. They are living on borrowed time. I pray that my little Moses can make it thru another winter. He is so tiny and frail. You may agree or disagree, but Tom and I feel that boys are the weaker sex. More prone to illness and death, not as strong as the girls. We asked God "Send us the children who need us."

Then there are girls, everyone wants girls. Beautiful precious girls. The girls are chosen quickly. We just don't get it. Why do the boys wait? We think our boys are as cute as a button. We love girls, we have girls, but when you see the hundreds of boys who wait. And die. And age out of the system. It breaks our hearts.

We take so much for granted, me included. I'm not pointing fingers here. We think we need more than we have. We complain about "rights" that people in other Countries can't even dream of having. Every day I wake up, I find joy that I don't even deserve. That's what drives us on to share what we have. After all we really don't "have" anything. It ALL belongs to God not us. Hanging on to it doesn't make us richer or better off. It makes our hearts cold. We are not giving what is ours, we are giving what is Gods! If He has given us this much and we give it away- certainly won't He give us more? Shouldn't we count on Him to care of our needs?

O.K. where am I going with this? If I was a fluent gifted writer I might have a point that made more sense here. And ending that was worthy of sharing on multiple blogs!! LOL!! If I could write blog posts more eloquently; I would say something wonderfully profound here. Nope that's not me. What I can do- All I can do, is POINT to HIM!! I have no words. Just humble observations and a thankful heart.

(((HUGS))) to all! As we prepare for Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More good news!! Julius

Thank You for all of the prayers!
Julius does have DS. But he does not have the big toe space on his feet and he does not have the crease on either palm. So the geneticist may check which type. Julius is very smart and loves electronics. I would not be surprised if his DS was Mosaic.

Julius is getting circumcised and an exploratory surgery will be done to look for his testicles. He does have testosterone and he is male!! So the Urologist jumped to conclusions by "looking" at his bottom.
If they have to remove his testicles, he will need testosterone later. Not too excited about that. We pray they can "bring them down".

Praise God!! The Dr really scared us. Next time we'll trust our gut. We usually do, but because of the palms and toes, we thought maybe this Dr knew something we didn't.

I wish I had a cute picture to post of him here. Maybe tomorrow sister Grace will take one on her cell phone!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pauly's heart is GREAT!!

This is Pauly's million dollar smile! But why do the boys NEVER look at the camera at the same time??!! LOL!!

Pauly saw the heart Dr today. His heart repair looks good. It is repaired differently than Drs in the US would do it. Here they do two patches, in EE they did one patch. It looks good. He doesn't need to go back for 4 years!! Wooo-Hooo!

Next Pauly sees the ENT before his circumcision- in case we need to do several things at once! Poor baby!

Pauly (right) and Julius (left) eat exactly the same amount of food. Pauly tends to still be constipated even with everyones wonderful

suggestions. Julius does not gain weight. He stays lean. But he is taller!

Can I even begin to explain to you in words how much we LOVE these two little men! They are our boys in every sense of the word. They bring us sunshine every day. This fall I don't even notice the cloudy days, because the boys brighten every day for us!

(((HUGS))) to all :o)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our new Fundraiser blog!!

We have something very exciting to share with you!!

Our new Fundraiser blog!

If you click on the picture of the precious babies to the right. You will go there.

Julius and Pauly are both very excited for their three new brothers (from their home country) to come join them in their family in America!

Please consider entering one of our two raffles for the items donated to our three boys.(A river rock painted for you by talented artist Jamie! and a beautiful fountain!) The families who donated these items did so because they want to help our next 3 boys. We are humbled by their kindness. We are very thankful to them!

for our Fundraiser blog anywhere you can think of!!

((((HUGS)))) to all! We feel your prayers!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Samson our Superman!

When I was posting the group photos from up north, Samson was in every one of them and he LOVED pointing that out to me!

Yesterday his sister Hope came over and took these photos of him.(thank you Hope) So of course he wanted to see them!

So here he is! Samson saves the day! Our Superman!

We love you big guy!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our 3 love bugs have Guardian Angels :o)

Our 3 boys have Guardian Angels! A beautiful family, with a precious mom named Jamie. You can see her blog here-

Her family has adopted from the US and B*ulgar*ia. Tobias and Talia are beeeeeautiful children from B*G. I have loved every minute of watching their journey. Their children came home right behind us, the week after we brought home Julius & Pauly.

Jamie told me that she wanted to help us fund raise! I was humbled. She is so kind. Yesterday her family donated to our fund. They really want to help our 3 boys. I don't know how we can ever thank you for your generosity, Jamie and family. It means so much to us. You are Guardian Angels for our boys.
THANK YOU! We love you!

Three boys means- 3 airline tickets for the boys and 2 for Tom and Gabriel. That could be as high as $5,500.00 or higher if they come home in the summer like Julius & Pauly.
Three boys means- 3 passports, $1,212.00.
Three boys means more USCIS fees- $1,440.00 for the I800, for 2 extra boys.
Three boys means more luggage, diapers, higher hotel rate.
Sometimes I'm too tired to even think about it! :o)

People like Jamie and her family give us hope, love and support. It's not about the money. It's about the people who love the children, even our 3 boys, enough to help them and help us to get them.

THANK YOU!! Jamie & family! We LOVE you!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Frozen in time

Frozen in time. Recently a mom sent me a photo of the 15 yr old that she is adopting. She is from the same orphanage as my little love bug Moses, pictured here. She is so tiny. She is probably the same size as Moses.

Moses is 6 1/2 yrs old. He is the size of an 18 month old. The children in his orphanage stop growing. They are all very very small for their age. They stop growing. They just manage to survive. Look at Moses' determined brown eyes. He is a survivor. The most recent photos of him that I have, I can't post here, they show him sick and sad. He could die. He needs a family. And yet they told another mom there is "no change in condition", when they asked about him. Is that good or bad?

My heart breaks. There is another boy there much older than Moses. But he is very small. He cannot walk. His legs are pulled up to his chest. He is a happy happy boy. We thought he was our Noah. But he was not. He haunts my mind, as I think of him so content, laughing. He asks for nothing.

So far away. So many children. So helpless. My life goes on and theirs is frozen in time.

Please pray for these children. There are about 15 families going to adopt. But there are 250 children.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

And so it ends in a blur ;o)

Last photo, from Tom's one photo shoot in October up north. LOL! Five weeks, I lose my disposable camera, forget my real camera. Tom doesn't take any other photos. We all get sick. It goes by too fast!

That's kinda what happens when you're old. :o) Time flies!

When I was young pictures were everything to me! One year Walm*art lost Matthew's 3rd birthday party photos!! I was devastated. (That was 17 years ago)

Now I spend more time smelling their hair. Listening to their voices. And holding their hands. I've memorized these things all through the years and they mean so much more to me. A picture just captures a look, not a person. I can lay in bed at night and picture my 35 yr old swimming in the lake at age 14. Her 11 yr old sister (now 32) bringing Grandma's swimming toys down to the lake with a floatie around her neck! It's just like I'm there. :o) I even see my mom young again! O.K. maybe I'm strange! LOL!

Friday, November 4, 2011

MA tries to distract Pauly!

Isn't it funny how things can change and you don't even notice? I guess we had so much going on I really wasn't even paying attention.

In September while we were on vacation, day after day Pauly was angry. Pauly had been angry ever since we brought him home. But in a house you can leave his area and not hear it 24/7. In an RV, he is right there, day after day for 5 weeks, fuming. I was sad. I was frustrated. It even got on my nerves. I loved him as best I could, but it was HARD!! I'd ask everyone several times a day- "Is he going to be angry forever?"...............................

But guess what! Pauly is no longer angry!! WOOOOO-HOOOOO!! Pauly is NO LONGER angry!!! YES!! Praise God!! My little ball of LOVE is a HAPPY boy now!! Of course he still gets angry. But not all day long, for hours. I didn't even notice!

Just today I said to Gabriel how cool it was that Pauly did not grind his teeth anymore! Julius still does once in a while but Pauly stopped! Gabe said "Pauly's not angry anymore either!" WOW!! It hit me! My baby is free from expressing non-stop anger. His needs are being met!! My prayers were answered!! Praise God!

Julius has had his blood work, but we found out it will take a long time to come back because it is genetics. The Urologist thought 2 weeks, but the nurse drawing blood said that would be pushing it. I hope the tests aren't too expensive!! We had a geneticist for our Molly that I loved. He was so helpful. He wanted to see us when I was 46 and pg, but I didn't care about genetics until our baby was born. Especially if we had not lived! But our baby was born better than fine! So now I am excited to see this same pediatric geneticist for Julius. Julius is also getting an endocrinologist.


Thursday, November 3, 2011


Julius and Paul do not like new people, new places, or traveling!

Tonight my good friend Bobbie stopped by. All of the kids were excited to tell Bobbie "Hello" and of course they dragged their new brothers over to see her too! Julius would not look at her. He did look at me! :o) But he mostly tried to communicate with the kids, he pretended no one was at our house!

Pauly saw Bobbie and was very curious. He walked towards her, until she started coming towards him!! :o) Then he tried to turn around and claw his way up me! LOL!

It's great to see that the boys know us. But sad to see that they are so afraid. You can't help but wonder- do they think we'd give them to Bobbie? After all someone gave them to us.

It seems they've bonded, and I'm thrilled. They do like us in their own way.

Last August when they had only been home only a few days our social worker stopped by. Pauly explored her. Julius was fine with her visit. Now they become distressed by new people. They tune them out, or try to get away.

I can't imagine how hard the adjustment of moving here has been for them. No matter how fun and loving we make it, it has to be incredibly hard for them. My poor precious babies. I just adore them! They fit into our family so easily, regardless of the behaviors. Each day they bless our lives more! When you drop all expectations for them, you can love them easily. Right now, we just wait for them to heal.

Who wouldn't love these little pumpkin boys!! :o)

We can't wait for the next 3 love bugs to come home!!

I LOVE these guys

***** ***** ***** *

Only 2 group photos left to post! And Mr. Tom still hasn't loaded the new ones! Too bad he doesn't read my blogs! LOL!!

Everybody here is just way to cute for words!

I am blessed beyond measure!

I have been getting updates on Noah and Jacob, but not Moses, from an amazing woman adopting from the same orphanage. She asked the Director if she could see my boys or take pictures. The D said "no." :o( But she saw Jacob because he sleeps in her son's room, and she has passed by Noah and his Baba (volunteer grandma) in the hall.

Jacob (6 yrs) loves to suck his foot when he sleeps, and makes loud smacking lip noises! :o)

Noah (8 yrs) IS walking with his Baba's help!! And he drinks from a cup!! Yeah!!! He also makes great spit bubbles!

The precious Baba for Noah was assigned 2 days a week to visit him. He had sores all over his body. She came everyday!! She brought ointment for his sores and fruit puree to feed him and he is better!!!! These Babas save the lives of the children!!

I think when the Babas see that we are the same age as them, they will be surprised!! LOL!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

please pray for Julius

***** ***** *****

Not sure why Tom stood back farther to take this picture. LOL!

Today the boys saw the Urologist. Pauly looked good, he did not need the operation for an undescended testicle. We are going to have him circumcised, due to adhesions. I normally do not like my boys circumcised, but I've learned with Samson that for lower functioning boys with DS, this could make bathing easier.

Julius has something else wrong going on and needs blood work to confirm this. There is something hormonal wrong. We "thought" it was undescended testicles, it is much more serious. Before the Dr can tell us what is wrong with Julius, we need to do blood work. Then we will need to see a pediatric specialist in hormonal issues, if the blood work comes out with what the Urologist thinks it is. The Urologist won't say what he thinks it is yet. :o( But we have an idea. I don't know if Julius ever had the blood work for DS, maybe he does not have DS? Or he has Mosaic? DS with this hormonal issue we can't name yet.

Please keep him in your prayers.

(((HUGS))) to all :o)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SP and MA priceless :o)

***** ***** ****

SP is laughing at Tom here and MA is trying to help Pauly look at dad. Pauly is more relaxed, finally! Julius (back row with Gabe) is still thinking of escaping.

Tom says "They (Julius & Pauly) refuse to look at the camera!!!"

You can see my Samson (front left) is a mouth breather. We had his tonsils and adnoids removed to help with this. But it didn't. :o(

He also tilts his head to see. His vision field is off. His nystagmus did correct itself! But his vision field is still off.

Tomorrow J&P see the urologist for pre-surgery consult.