Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Dad tried a new pose here. LtoR is Samson(16) Faith(10 going on 20) Pauly (4) held by Isaiah (7) Katherine (8) Elizabeth (9) Gabriel (16) and Julius (4)

Pauly is avoiding eye contact with Dad- he's stressed. Julius is thinking Gabe better not put him down! LOL!

Because we run a group home, our time away from the house is limited. So everyday after SP leaves for work around 1:30 p.m. and MA comes home around 2:30 p.m., I run to the store. For the last 3 days we have been looking for sleepers and one piece rompers in size 3T for the boys. This is a little big, but 2T is too small. I had looked online first but could not find any good buys. The selection online was incredibly poor too.

Thirty years ago I used to make sleepers, now I barely have time to make fleece pj pants, which take less than a half hour! :o) The boys need one piece outfits because they dig in their diapers! In Bu*lg*aria they wore girls overalls!

I went to Target on Sat. and found 3 sleepers, I went to Walmart on Sunday and found "1" sleeper! ugh! And last night I went to Kohls- but even their sale prices were high! and then I stopped at JCPenneys. At JC I found quite a few things on sale!! When I went to pay I was told if I used my JCP card I could get 20% more off! (the card is in Tom's name, so I had to apply for one!!) I told the young sales woman (early 20s) that that would be great to save more $$ because the clothes were for 2 little boys we adopted from B*ulga*ria! She was so excited to hear that! She told me she always wanted to adopt- after she gets married first and maybe after she has birth children, but she LOVED the thought of adopting some day! It was so sweet, she was so excited. I had hoped and prayed that I encouraged her more by talking about our experiences! :o) I remember how excited I was when I first wanted to foster or adopt and my family thought it was the dumbest idea I had ever come up with. I would have loved some encouragement from anyone!!

Way back then (29 yrs ago) the County and a very well seasoned award winning Foster mom; both worked hard to talk us out of adopting our Andy. They wanted him in a group home- not a family. I'm so glad we didn't listen!! It was HARD. Andy was the hardest child we ever raised. But it was worth it. The funny thing was 10 years later we too won the same award that that same foster mom had won, she won Foster mom of the year for the State of MN. We won Adult Foster family of the year for the state of MN. Please I am in no way bragging here, just thinking about how Vi tried to talk us out of adopting Andy and we try to talk others INTO adoption! :o) We are the only 2 in the state from our County to win this. I don't like awards much, because after "they" build you up............you have no where to go but down. LOL! Ouch! ;o) It's safer on the ground!

Later when I came home, there in the mail was a coupon for Carters and Oshkoshbgosh online! So I was able to get 25% more off of the sale prices and buy a few more sleepers!! We are all snuggly now!!

Thank You Lord!! :o)

(((HUGS))) to all!

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