Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, October 23, 2011

All my children

Pauly (middle) is doing a full blown autistic flapping- with stiff legs- spitting episode.

Poor Gabe, so sick. :o(

Julius (front) still looking to escape! Hang on Lysa!!

Isaiah looking pretty darn handsome for not feeling well.

Julius & Pauly have been home 2 months. TWO months! Time has flown.

If you look at their pictures on the side bar here, from March. You see two very different looking boys. The picture of Pauly is from when the orphanage staff were shocked to see that Tom made him laugh. They said he was very serious. (I'd say un-responsive and autistic)

Yes we cut their hair. They had baby boy bowl cuts, now they have little men cuts! Much easier for bathing. They are incredibly AFRAID of bathing. It hurts your heart to see them go into a blank stare of shock and fear from going into the water to bathe. Julius is fascinated with water, but not with getting into it. Pauly who normally is oblivious to what is happening to him, watches the water in terror as I dry him. Julius won't even look back at the water once removed from it. Once clean they smell amazing and cuddle so sweetly.

The biggest difference to us is how seamlessly we have transitioned them into our family. And how in their own limited way they have responded back to us. Yes they still have orphanage "behaviors", but they are familiar to us now, not surprises anymore. Dare I say we are used to the behaviors! LOL!

Julius still looks at me like I am the "mean orphanage lady". When Dad is around he is all smiles and giggles. Julius is very bright and realizes that I am the disciplinarian. Dad allows things mom doesn't! LOL! I don't take it personally. The women in his life have never been a mom, he has no clue what a mom is. I model mom behavior with the other kids in front of him. He has not been around men that we saw, Dad is a fun novelty right now. He doesn't trust me. If I put him in time out- he remembers!! He's a thinker! I can't wait to see what he will learn to do, because he thinks about everything he sees us do! He's very curious! Julius is a beautiful little boy. He does not photograph nearly as cute as he is. He doesn't pose, he thinks! Silly boy! His DS features are not very prominent. He has the most beautiful brown eyes and hair. His skin is the beautiful tan color of many Bu*lgarians. He must have been favored for being so cute. He will at times try to "work it" with us. He can work it with the kids and gets away with alot! He tries to make faces at us, as if to say "I'm not naughty! I'm cute!". He has a kind of "orphanage smarts". He has a very fast metabolism from his thyroid, so he's slim compared to Pauly.

Pauly LOVES me! LOL!! He actually crawls towards me instead of away from me! Pauly is very forgiving. He loves me to snuggle his neck and tickle him. He is very sensitive to touch. The only problem is if you can't continually touch him, he reverts to his autistic stiff behaviors right away. But if you need his attention you can draw him out by hugging and snuggling him. He looks at me deeply, with wide eyes as if to say "Who are you! I love you! I have been waiting my whole life for you!" He is lower functioning and has an innocence that Julius does not have. Pauly is very touchy feely, he likes to feel his emotions, he doesn't think much about what is going on. :o) Observing things overwhelms him. Pauly has the most beautiful blue eyes!! And the fairest blonde hair that is dishwater blonde when short. Pauly has all of the wonderful DS features that we love X 10!!! Every cute adorable feature that comes from having DS, Pauly has. He has the cutest softest rolly polly little body for snuggling. He has the sweetest face with DS features that make you want to kiss those cheeks and hold that sweet face in your hands. He is the picture of DS cuteness multiplied!! We love that about him. We think he should be a model!! Every so often we catch a beautiful picture of him!

We can no longer remember what life was like here before OUR boys! We don't want to remember what it was like before our boys! We have been blessed beyond belief! We can not wait until Noah, Moses and Jacob are home to add to the fun! We can not wait to see who the "real" Noah, Moses and Jacob are! Not the boys from the orphanage- but OUR boys! The Archer boys!

Thank You God!!

(((HUGS))) to you and thank you for stopping by to read about our blessings! We pray it inspires you to bring home your little boy too!


  1. What a precious post of updates about your adorable, precious boys! Praise the Lord!!

  2. Love reading the updates on your family's adjustment, the boys' adjustment, and your discovery of who your boys really are! What blessings! What a beautiful family.


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