Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We needed to take a break!

We decided to go up north to our lake property. We vacation up here as often as we can. Our Grace offered to stay at our house while we are gone. She's even going to vacuum!! Woo-Hoo! :o)

Everyone goes up north with us. 4 dogs, 2 group home women, 8 kids in one 15 passenger van. Tom in my Dad's old station wagon with the 5th dog and lots of supplies!

We needed to re-group. The stress of a long awaited international adoption completed! The joy of two new little boys in our family. We need intense bonding time. We don't want to take the boys out in public until they are more secure with us. Everything upsets them. They hated the 2 hour drive up here and Paul grumbled non-stop for hours after we arrived. Finally I told him NO! stop!! Do you know he stopped! (shock!) He did start up again later. But I'm finding both boys are doing some of these things to be naughty! LOL! Just like regular kids not raised in orphanages! Other things are to comfort themselves. Like teeth grinding, howling, grunting. Replacing them with words-sounds and sign language is tough. They just don't "get" communicating directly with us. They accept care without communication. We are trying to break through that wall.

So we got in the van and drove the 90 miles north.

Tonight as I type this the sun is setting on the lake and Paul in his sleeping play pen is laying on his stomach- howling!! He's already saturated the sheet with spit and drool, I'll change it after he falls asleep! I hope he doesn't scare the wild life, he's so loud!! :o) My 7 yr old Isaiah is reading bird facts aloud to educate everyone! I love homeschool! Julius is sucking his sleeve in his sleeping play pen next to Paul's. Julius sleeps flat on his back. He looks so uncomfortable. He refuses blankets. Paul knows a blanket means- sleepy time. He accepts his.

We've had great weather. Cool nights and beautiful days.

The day we were about to leave home, it was 89 degrees and I can't tolerate heat so we waited until the next day. While we waited and packed our phone rang. I was offered a new group home client, much to my shock! They had been looking for a home with an open bed for 2 weeks and we were the first home with an opening!? We were surprised. The economy is so tight and larger Corporate group homes are getting the people. It was like divine intervention, answered prayer! We weren't even supposed to be home to get the call. We told them we were leaving, maybe we couldn't help. They said let's meet tonight! we told them our house was a mess from leaving- they were fine with it!! We told them about the biometric FPs for the next adoption; that he would need to drive 65 miles to Immigration with us to do them. They said fine!! Nothing is set in stone but this would be a blessing beyond measure to our family!

We had another un-expected blessing happen to us the day we drove up north. As we drove Gabriel and I were talking. There were beautiful huge Cumulus clouds hanging over us. I asked Gabe "I wonder how many Angels are in those clouds?" Not knowing that we would be needing God's intervention soon. Up ahead an elderly man with some kind of patch on his eye (Gabe saw him inside his SUV) was driving very slowly down the highway and STOPPED in front of us, while traffic was going 65 mph. I braked but could not stop fast enough. So I swerved into the left passing lane not knowing there was a car coming from behind me (honking at me) They were able to brake and skid into the grass median. We all missed each other by a few feet. We all carefully looked around to see if anyone needed help. We were all fine! We all drove away intact! Praise the Lord! I prayed that the HWY patrol would quickly get that elderly man off of the HWY before he killed someone. I hope someone got his license plates and called 911. I didn't have my cell phone out, it was packed.
I always drive our 15 passenger van 2 car lengths between us and the car in front. There were 11 of us and 4 dogs in our van. Only God could have prevented this accident from happening. 15 passenger vans are easy to roll, and even tho I have driven one 8 years now, only God could have kept us all from a horrible crash or rolling that Friday morning. If I had pulled to the right we would have driven off of the highway into the grass and surely lost control! If I had hit him I may have pushed him into oncoming traffic- he was leaning left. So many ways it could have gone wrong if not for God's hand.
Afterward our group home gals were tossled but fell right back to sleep as I drove away in shock. Bless their hearts! It truly was the Hand of God on us!! We have once again been blessed beyond belief! :o)

I have continually thanked God for these precious days up here, that could have been spent in a hospital or worse, if not for His mercy on us that morning.
I know all of you have covered us in precious prayers! Thank You!!

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  1. Praise the Lord you are all okay! He was definitely watching over your van full of precious cargo! I hope your retreat is refreshing!

    Rachelle (adopting Gideon/Eddie in 54)


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