Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, September 22, 2011

They sure eat alot! LOL! But no sugar please!

Cooking up north in the 5th wheel is always more challenging. I make alot of combo-dishes. Tuna, noodle with veggie of choice, all in one pot. Rice, beans, salsa with cheese and sour cream, all in one bowl. So no separate servings of veggies-rice etc. Everything cooked in one big pot. We also gave up our PB & J sandwiches a few years ago for soup. You can throw everything but the kitchen sink in the crockpot for a great hot tasty soup!

The 5th wheel is our 2nd RV, the first was a trailer- 35' long. The 5th wheel is 29' but has a slide out. I like the higher ceiling of the 5th wheel. No matter how big the trailer, counter, table space is always small. 200' from our 5th wheel we plug the crock pot in our 24 X 24' garage. That garage has a freezer, refrigerator, dryer and a stove. I cook mostly in the 5th wheel with a hot plate and a big toaster oven. Our bunk house 12'X 24' is next to the 5th wheel. All of the room in there is for eating and sleeping, no room to cook.

For dinner, Paul & Julius eat huge bowls of the main meal. These boys can eat!! LOL!! I'm afraid that they are going to double in size soon!! Tom did not even believe me when I showed him how much they eat at dinner!

Julius needs to work on tongue thrusting as he eats. Each bite, he thrusts his tongue out and "tongues" the food before swallowing. I tap his tongue to remind him to pull it in. It's not easy for him to feel comfortable holding his tongue in and accepting a bite. But it's coming! He can hold his tongue in nicely for long periods of time. He mouth breathes, but not as much as our Samson. He has a tiny mouth, and quite a small head. Makes us wonder about FAS.

Pauly likes to store the food in his mouth as you feed him. I put a spoonful in, he waits, I put another in, he waits, I put a 3rd in - he swallows!! You can't see that his mouth is "full", he has a good sized mouth!! Then he may swallow it all, or swallow half of it, spitting the other half back out. Samson ate similar to this! So I know this game!! I beat him at it by waiting longer between bites. Or I hold the spoon ready to help half the food stay in for the next swallow. :o) If Pauly is hungry but doesn't like the food much, he drooools. The food goes in- the drooool comes out! LOL! UGH!! Pauly likes to stick his tongue way out and lick the tip of his nose, swirl it around and lick his chin. I've seen other kids with DS do this (and some adults). He needs to learn to control the amount of drool coming off of his tongue when he does this. Hopefully it is a developmental thing he'll quit doing as he grows. I don't think anyone cared how he looked doing these things at the orphanage.

For special occasions up here we make chocolate chip cookie bar cakes- or small GT Express (the info-mercial appliance!) cakes. Everyone loves them. We don't have much storage space so small cakes eaten quickly or 9 X 9 cookie bars will not need storage! We made cookie bars for Pauly's Happy birthday!!

Everyone loved them except- Pauly and Julius. This was the first time we ever saw either one hold a food- frosting- on the tip of their tongue and try to spit it out!! The crunchier cookie bar part made them gag!! They held these bites in their mouths until I took a paper towel and wiped them out for them. It was kind of sad. I am thrilled that they love fruits and veggies and real food. But sad that they think sweets are poison to their taste buds. I will have to make something like an apple sauce (homemade) for them. Our youngest 4 children can't begin to understand how deprived the boys have been. It makes no sense to them. It makes no sense to us.

I love how tickly Pauly is. Now when I take my hands and gently caress his head at bed time, he laughs at the slightest touch. Such a tickly little boy! It reminds me that no matter what disability a boy has, or where he has lived the last 3 years and 11 months. He still has heart of a little boy who loves the tickly tender touch of his momma.

Each day both boys let us touch them more and longer. We can't wait until they touch us first!! Julius has reached out to caress two of his sister's hair. It was so sweet!

(((HUGS))) my precious friends!

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