Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Medical stuff we wish we knew

When we got "medical" information. Most said Paul was considered for heart surgery every 6 months. But he did not need it. The medicals stated he had a procedure, but does not say what it was?? Does that explain the heart surgery scar on his chest?

So we learned that Paul-

1.Did have some kind of heart surgery (from his scar)/ Heart Dr now scheduled

2. his blood work was low in iron, low hemoglobin etc, prescribed vitamins started

3.xray for neck was good, no worries there

4.he needs nebulizer treatments 2X a day for asthma (irritated by cold air- air conditioning and cool MN air)

5.He has one un-descended testicle

6.He is seeing the ENT for concerns about apnea and his ability to breath (our Samson had adenoids & tonsils out for this-but he still has breathing issues- super small airways)

7. Paul either has Autism or Institutional Autism because he is very anti-social. He also slaps his face, bangs his head and refuses eye contact. He gets angry very easily and holds his breathe and himself stiff

8. very constipated


1. no heart surgery scar, no heart problems?? Heart Dr is scheduled

2.blood work the same as Paul's, low everything

3. blood also shows low thyroid

4.circumcision needed for medical reason (had not been properly cared for)

5. both testicles un-descended

6.He is very constipated but has blow out diahrea, 3-4 BMs in an hour till empty, then no BMs for days, need to check for HPylori (sp)

None of these things are life threatening. Well the heart may be? The scar on Paul's chest is shaped like a small mountain. :o( We are now scheduling surgeries. We don't think these things will scare anyone off from adopting from EE. We just want to share our experience. To let everyone know that the kids are not inspected or cared for like a mommy and daddy would.

Our boys are 4 yrs old. The cannot walk any distance. Julius walks from person to person, that's it. Paul walks along things very short distances. Paul refuses to stand unassisted. They grind their teeth and spit. They do not allow anything in their mouths other than a spoon. They fight sippy cups and bottle nipples. They get drinks super sloppy from a cup. We have no idea how they drank. Paul gets a little in. They do not chew on anything. Julius will gently put his tongue on his favorite toy. Our Samson chewed on toys till he was 7! They do not like solid foods, everything pureed. They will not suck liquid off of a spoon. They keep their arms to their sides when you feed them. If I put a cheerio in their hand they just drop it. They ask for nothing. We care for them like infants. They of course rock back and forth when we aren't interacting with them.

I wrote this before we left for up north. Please excuse all typos!! Not sure how I wanted to end it! LOL!! Just wanted to share for others- things to look for! :o) Tom intends to strip our next three boys naked to inspect them for our referral. :o) We won't "see" everything. But we can let Drs know what we saw.

(((HUGS))) to all!

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  1. They make a magnesium supplement for children. It is safe and will help greatly with the constipation. Thank God you got those boys home where they are loved and can be taken care of properly. Poor little Paul, I can't imagine what horror that little guy has gone through. It may take a long time but with the love of your family, I know that you will see some progress. HUGS!!


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