Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baby boy's foods must be room temperature! Homestudy Blues!

Paul & Julius HATE two things- cold food- like from the refrigerator and warm food- like cooled down from the stove. They like it nearly cold but not cold! LOL!! So from the refrigerator we heat it up 30 seconds in the microwave. And at dinner we let it cool completely to what we would call "cold" food. The eat your dinner before it gets cold does not apply to them! If the temperature is not right- they cry!

Last Thursday Tom brought 2 weeks of mail for me to sort. One big envelope was from our adoption agency for the homestudy. I had already filled out everything- didn't I?? Months ago our social worker said.........quote............. "It shouldn't take long to update because you just finished an adoption."

O.K............then why is it taking so long? Why couldn't we have updated some of it earlier? Who knows. Just their preference.
Right away I had to send out multiple mailings to our new group home client JC's family for them to fill out. (I'm sure they were thrilled!) Then I had to send multiple e-mails explaining what it was. I put hundreds of post its on the forms with asterisks saying sign here- and here and here and..... OY!! I sent pre-stamped envelopes for everything to be sent on and returned. I held my breath waiting to hear- how un-excited they were to have to do this for us. Because they don't have to. They could move JC somewhere else. But no his sister told me-
"May your guardian angel shine upon all of you as mine has on me by crossing our paths.:)" How precious is that!! I love this family!!

JC is moving in the week we scheduled ALL of our adoption related appointments- I'm going to be exhausted!! LOL!! He needs awake night staff- that's me!

You know when you adopt a child you wonder - will they fit into our family? Will they adjust? Will we adjust? Can we handle it? What"if" it's too hard? And then you just do it, and you wonder why you sweat over nothing?? Because God called you to do it, regardless of what you "think". It's exactly the same with a new group home client- you pray- Lord? Can I do this? And you can and you know you can because it's His Will. He ALWAYS takes care of everything- because you can't. He didn't necessarily ask you to do it because you are so smart and talented and know about these things- but to show you that if He asks you to do it- He's not going to leave you hanging! He's going to do the hard stuff for you- through you! Isn't He just the best? We don't even deserve half of what He does for us!! Thank You God!! Without God, we could not do any of this. We'd make fools of ourselves. We'd wonder where "we" went wrong- when it's not even about us- it's ALL Him!!

(((HUGS))) my precious friends! I pray for all of you and even tho we've never met- He knows exactly who you are!! :o)

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