Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Our trip to pick up our boys Julius & Paul started out "normal". Plane reservations, packing, excitement. Tom and Gabriel landed safely in EE. Our EE helper picked them up and deposited them at their hotel. They picked up our boys the next day. We were beyond excited.

We were also excited to see and hear what was happening with our Dear Sister in Christ who was also in the same EE country as Tom, only on her first trip. She was going to another location/orphanage further away. She is adopting the most precious girl with Down Syndrome, from the same orphanage that our last 3 love bugs (Noah,Moses & Jacob) live. So I asked her, please if she had any time, could she hug our boys, or take a picture of them, or even just smile at them. I knew I was asking a huge favor. But adoptive moms have no shame, they are desperate to know how their children are. What I didn't know was that this request was more than huge- it was ENORMOUS! You see when this precious mom got to the orphanage, she not only found her precious daughter in this condition http://theblessingofverity.com/2011/08/my-baby/ , she also saw the many other children (including Noah,Moses,Jacob) in similar condition on that floor of the orphanage.

After much discussion, the orphanage Director allowed her to take photos and hug them for us. First she visited one of my boys who was/is very very sick in the infirmary receiving IV antibiotics. Then she held another one of my boys who sleeps in a "cage",and aggressively throws himself down screaming like an animal. Our third boy she hugged is 6 yrs old, he was either terrified or extremely agitated when he saw her.

But it was not just my boys or her daughter who were neglected in this place, it was also about 46 more severely disabled children on this floor.17 of the children in this orphanage have Down Syndrome. In the rest of the building there are 150 more children, not quite as disabled. The smell of the children I'm told is overwhelming and overpowering. I can't even imagine how she was able to process all that she saw there, because it was so much worse than anyone expected. She will never be the same. I don't know how I can repay her for using her precious time to visit my boys as well as her precious daughter. She has blessed our lives. Please keep her, her daughter and her family in your prayers.

We recieved beautiful pictures of all 3 boys on Wed. But we are not allowed to share them. Moses is so tiny- at 6 yrs old he's about the size of an 18 month old. Noah is 8 and looks like he also has FAS as well as his DS. Jacob looks much better than his picture on my sidebar. But it is concerning that he is so anti-social at 6 yrs old.

Tom and I were told that Moses was sick on Tuesday. We cried. Then I saw the pictures, he won't see them until Sat. and we cried some more. Each day we have cried tears of anguish over these three boys, Susanna's daughter and the other children in this orphanage. We rejoice to have Julius & Paul finally join our family, but cry because their EE brothers are needing to come home even faster. Tom didn't get any pictures of his stay with Julius & Paul sent to me this visit, and I only took the Skype photos below. We look foreward to updating their photos as soon as Tom gets home. But for now it is very bittersweet. Much joy and much sorrow. Not exactly what we had anticipated.

Our faith is strong- for He is faithful. I humbly ask your prayers for our last 3 love bugs to remain healthy enough to come home to us soon.
(((HUGS))) to all.


  1. Hello,
    I am an adoptive and bio mother and a reeces rainbow prayer warrier, I hope to one day adopt, if my husband hears that call again too.
    We have five children, our oldest is 18, we adopted her when she was 5, she was our foster child from age 3. Then we had 4 bio babies..now ages 12, 9,7, and 4. our four year old has DS and has complex heart issues...3 surgeries and still some issues, but a miracle and we KNOW God was #1 in his heart story, as he was not expected to even be here now, and now he is doing so well with only minor issues. but that is a long story, short version is he is a treasure that we didnt think we would have for long, who was granted a miracle and is now going to have a long life on earth, and we give GOD that glory.
    I enjoyed reading about your family, and am praying for your 3 little ones, moses, noah and jacob. Praying for God to move mountains and bring those babies home to their family, so they can know the love that you are already pouring out.
    I was raised with 2 older brothers, by our bio parents. After my brothers where grown and I was in high school my parents became foster parents and in the course of the next 8 years, adopted 12 children.
    I can say it was not easy. My brothers and i grieved the loss of the the time our parents once were able to give to us. When my children were born, I was jealous of all my friend's children having grandparents who came to visit, went to grandparents day at their school, were home to when they came to visit (as opposed to off at therapy, foster parent events....)
    I know how terribly selfish that sounds and yes I am ashamed that we were so selfish. Time and flown by and unfortunately my parents are now divorced (they have always had issues, long before I was even born, separating often as my brothers and I grew up, I think the foster/adopting united them in a service and then as those children grew up, again they fell away from each other).
    It is a sad story, but not so sad, we are all a family. My bio bothers and I have good relationships with 4 of our (adopted) siblings. Unfortunately 6 are lost in a world of illegal drugs and they want no part of us, 2 are still living with my mother and her new husband (seems like an good man...they live across the country from us...so visits are few).
    Relationships are healing. I see that my parents did not reject me or my children, yes my children do not have typical grandparents, but they have awesome aunts and uncles. and they are loved by their grandparents.
    my parents did the right thing, by adopting. Even though half of the children returned to the life stlye of their bio parents, they were loved and gently cared for as children, and we pray that maybe some will return back to God and be willing to work hard and live a healthy life,
    It was not a wasted time or effort.
    Anyway, I tell my story, because it seems you are heartbroken because some of your older children are angry and hurt by your decision to keep adopting. Even though it is not Christ like for them to be angry, for them to not come to visit, I do empathize. Maybe like me, they are jealous (when it comes to mommy and daddy, jealously knows no age or maturity) they grieve the loss of the everyday things see others having (what I would not have given to take my mom out to lunch, watch her hold my children, come and visit me in the hospital after giving birth, the few times something simple like this would happen, she would be wisked away by some crisis at home....I was a jealous jealous girl, I just needed my mom sometimes) and I didnt understand that my mom was CALLED to these children, she had to obey GOD.
    So I pray for love and understanding to flow back and forth from you to your older children, that you experience the healing and acceptance that my family has experienced.
    and THNAK YOU for saving the precious ones with DS, thank you for listening

  2. Wow! Kim bless your heart for sharing!! (((HUGS))) Even tho there are a couple of differences,between our families (I had a birth son at 47, and am raising 2 of my birth granddaughters) there are alot of similarities!! I know your comment has not only touched my heart but also the hearts of a few of my GAARP friends! (A Yahoo group for older parents)Thank You! for taking the time to write this!


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