Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our hearts will never be the same again

Today we recieved pictures of our last 3 boys. But before the pictures came we were warned. Moses was very very sick. The boys are adorable. But Moses is so weak and sick. My heart hurts so much that I would get on a plane TODAY and go to him if I could. I tried calling to get some of our home study paper work done sooner by the Drs. But they are too "busy". Too busy to help us save my son's life. (cry)

If we can figure out how to get a medical Visa or a humanitarian Visa. We will beg for that.

We have seen the orphanage intimately now and the children where our boys are, are all in critical shape. My Dear Sister in Christ calls them baby/children. Because they are children in the bodies of a baby. This precious one is ELEVEN YEARS OLD and WEIGHS 10 POUNDS. My second birth daughter weighed 8 oz. more than Liliana when she was born! http://reecesrainbow.org/liliana-11-3 She desperately needs a family.

My Noah turned out not to be the boy I had posted pictures of, and the video of. My Noah is a different boy. I can't share his photo and I don't want to put his baby picture up. We hear he has more behaviors. He looks like he could have FAS with his DS. But how could he not have behaviors after 6 years without a family.

I wish I could also adopt the boy we called Noah. We are talking about adding another boy to our three boys. We are praying on this. Only God knows.

Tom and I have been changed to the point of selling everything we have to do whatever we can for these children. Is that extreme? We don't think so. We have property that we had hoped to sell to help finance our retirement. Now that we know we are not retiring, why not sell it now to help the boys. The realestate market here has tanked. But it may be worth selling now for the boy's sake. Our hearts are not the same. We now love boys who suffer beyond what we can even imagine. Our Moses' life is in danger. He desperately needs a momma and a pappa. We desperately need to answer the cries of these children.

Many years ago (24) when we opened our group home, I no longer had time to be with friends. My clients needed me. I was more than honored to serve my clients. It was not about getting paid. Although that payment blessed and supported us. I was more than blessed to be a part of their lives. But my "friends" did not understand. It was a painful growth period emotionally. It was lonely to live "different". The same thing happened when we started adopting, we lost friends again because some of our adopted kids weren't physically "cute" and had special needs. Again, we stretched and grew and changed for the better. And now this. Did I ever think that at ages 54 and 57 we would be called to rescue these souls from a life without love? That I would need to stretch and grow again? No. But what a blessing to be called by Him. Our suffering is nothing compare to Christ. We can do this, even at ages when others look for comfort in this world. We are not of this world, this world is not our home. Here we come Lord! Send us!

Please pray with us.


  1. My heart is breaking...just broke. How can any of us say, "no". Sigh...prayers and tears....

  2. Big hugs to you! I am so sorry, and will continually pray for your three boys and the precious, precious other children in that orphanage. I've been reading the heartbreaking accounts from there and am in tears tonight for these little ones who Jesus loves so much. Praying for you tonight, as well.

  3. Oh my, dear Elizabeth, my heart goes out to you and your boys. You are doing a beautiful thing--thank you! I totally understand the falling away of "friends". But you are so right, that we are doing eternal work here and that will me earthly pain...including loneliness. But, we can support each other long distance! So thankful for the internet and that we can cheer each other on from afar. I will be praying with you with my beautiful prayer shawl and my new "large-print" Bible that I got for my birthday. Hee Hee....we "older" moms need to stick together! Love in Him, Paula

  4. What a lot to take in. I'm adding your family to my prayer list. And we are praying for all of the children in their orphanage.


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