Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, August 26, 2011

rough-rough-rough days need Son-shine :o)

It's a cloudy day here. But the Son shines in our hearts. I actually love rain, even tho I hate puddles and wet dogs.

Paul woke his siblings up this morning by crash banging everything possible in or near his crib. I had had a rough day with a teen ager yesterday so my heart was heavy. The crash-banging only made it harder to stay positive. Julius decided to chime in with whining. It was 5:45 when Paul woke everyone. I was up at 4:45, so I was glad that I had everything ready for the morning.

I feed Paul first. He's slow and picky and tries to break the spoon with his teeth every bite. He wants nothing to do with me, he just wants food. For a short period I hold his hands and wait for him to look at me instead of flapping hands in front of his face. He did look briefly.

Then I feed Julius. I use signs and excitement and encourage him to respond. He responds with spitting, animated head jerking and crossed eyes. I guess crossed eyes are better than no eye contact! :o) He's limp to my signing hand over hand. But he's not stiff and unresponsive so that gives me hope!

After eating, neb treatment,(Paul) and diaper changes both boys go in separate playpens by us to watch our day proceed. Years ago we put Samson in a play area, a plastic fencing thing in a circle.(they are in all the baby catalogs) It was great except he could move it anywhere he wanted!! UGH! That deafeated its purpose! I wanted him and the fencing to stay where I put them!

We then put 3 big dogs out one at a time. (our tiny Pom puppy was put out at 5:00 a.m.) The youngest 4 kids round the dogs up like livestock. Hand out their food, and I pick up the stinky stuff in the kennel.

We sit down for prayers as dogs slurp and crunch. The 4 youngest eat upstairs, the teenagers eat downstairs.

Tom has already woken the clients up and started their day downstairs. The kids and I are upstairs, out of the way as not to distract the clients from what they need to do. Tom comes up and down the stairs with questions for me. Kids run up and down with their dirty dishes, cleaning up after themselves. We like to sing Bible verses to a CD; to set our minds on things above. Our clients prefer a quieter morning. :o)

Homeschool has taken a back burner. We knew it would. There is so much that has changed DRASTICALLY in our routine. Today the youngest 4 are making a list of all of the GOOD things about having 2 new brothers and all of the hard things about having to new brothers. Today they have a piece of paper they are carrying with them; that has "good things" on one side and "hard things" on the other side. They are going to keep track all day. Then we are going to celebrate all of the good things! The good things are the sunshine in our day! They are already thinking very positive about it.

I read on a mom's blog (with alot of kids) recently that she adjusts within a month or so to adding newly adopted kids in the family. I wish I could say that. For us whether it is a new client or a new child, it takes a minimum of 6 months to adjust. Right now after only 5 days.........6 months is looking far away! :o) But just knowing it exists is all the hope I need!

I am trying not to judge myself too harshly as I stumble in my efforts to make things go smoothly for everybody. I love how God carries me through these trials. Thank You Father! Without my even thinking about needing Him, He is there. At the moment of the trial I may not "see" it. But I realize there is no way I could do all of these things on my own. There is no way I could or would have time for 2 little boys with emotional scars like this. I have to realize that I am doing the best I can, He will do the rest. He doesn't need me to do anything. I rest in Him realizing He is working through me. His ways are not the worlds ways. I must remember that constantly!! When I'm not careful I get caught up trying to fullfill worldly expectations for us and our boys. I must never forget our only important goal is for the boys to know Christ first and foremost.

In these days Jesus is our sunshine!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

how to keep my thoughts straight! :o) 8/24 events

After I got well, my Isaiah was sick 2 nights with stomach flu and fever. Our Lysa also became sick Tuesday morning.
In the middle of the night I was running between the 2 kids with Tylenol and cleaning throw up buckets. (I often wonder what the ice cream companies think of this use of their buckets! LOL! The buckets are getting smaller now that there is less ice cream for the same $$)

We have had a super packed schedule added to the boys being home. We are planning some vacation time. We've planned and booked all necessary appointments into an already jam packed schedule so we can take time to bond!

Wed. morning Tom, SP and I took Paul & Julius for their neck x-rays. Tom took them into the x-ray room, I just waited and held boys! Thanks Tom! The 5 days Tom had in Bulgaria and loooong trip home to the US with the boys, helped Tom to bond much more with them! It's nice to have so much help from Tom! So moms I suggest you send your husbands to bring the kids back from EE- they will really bond well without us hovering over them!

We also had our Social worker come for a post placement/immigration/next homestudy visit! in the afternoon. It went very well except that I would have liked to have had the house cleaner, which was impossible to do with sick kids, 2 new boys, and Tom being gone with my best duster/vacuumer for 7 days! Oh-well! It was the real us dust and all!

Julius woke up early on Wed, from my going back and forth to sick kids. He was very quiet, standing watching me, which was a great surprise. When we loaded him into the van to see the Dr, Tom bumped his head hard on the van door way. Julius did not want Tom to comfort him after that. He let me comfort him, which I've been working on. He recovered much too quickly tho and I'm sure his head must have ached, but he wanted down. All day I play a game with him. Every time he wants to slap us, grab our glasses or scream a cave man type grunt; I gently take his hand and pat it or gently stroke it. I also hold my hand out to him. If he touches me gently I praise him, if he hits me I tell him no and hold his hand stroking it.. He remembers the repetition of this,over and over and he'll now even hold hands for a few seconds. During these things though he continues to avoid eye contact and turn his head away. He holds his head back wards and makes circles with it and then shakes it hard side to side. He spits loudly out of the blue and I respond by quickly pressing a Kleenex to his lips saying "Neh!" (no). He does get it, but eventually he forgets and we start over. :o) He's more receptive to his environment. This gives us a tiny "in" with him. Something we can use to try to pull him out of his "world". He'll even ask to sit next to us on the couch! Julius' arms grab everything and anything never letting go, much like an infant. Things go crashing everywhere! Today it was his sister's prized lamp. Dad thinks he can save it!

Paul on the other hand is still very loud. And very very anti-social. He doesn't want to sit with anyone, he wants to flail his arms and legs and kick. Yesterday was his worst day ever. All day long-humming, growling, grinding teeth, screaming. He was so angry- fuming! It makes you feel so helpless to watch a sweet boy jerk and move in repetitive movements over and over to avoid contact with you. He too spits. Yesterday he made puddles in his crib and on the floor over the side. We put him anywhere we can think of to try and reduce whatever stress he is going through. Sometimes his crib is best because it has several crib toys hanging and a stuffed toy he "sort of" likes. But today he got on all fours and rhythmically beat his head on the head board of the crib.We took him out of the crib and each place we set him he screamed and grunted oblivious to everything we tried. He avoids eye contact at all cost. When the social worker came he sat on the floor protesting, doing his little things to stay in his "world". He does not want to be held. He hits and head butts. Eventually he was very curious about the social worker- maybe because she was ignoring him? He investigated her a little and very gently reached for her papers. We were thrilled to see him doing something any other child would do. Samson decided he needed to show the social worker how he teaches the boys to dance; since Paul was standing. Paul handled the interaction with Samson well and Paul then sat nice with the kids in his strange "avoidance" kind of way. The kids play next to Paul and Paul accepts their nearness, but continues his "autistic" movements. Oh! if only he could tell me something-anything so I could reduce his stress.

Julius naps nicely. Paul does not. But once Paul falls asleep he refuses to wake up! LOL! They go to bed at 8 p.m. and Paul wakes up between 3 & 4 a.m. Julius wakes up at 6 with the kids. They are eating more foods with small lumps because they are very hungry. I noticed that since Tom saw them in March- they had gained weight. Did they get special attention because they were leaving? They act as though every meal is their last meal and cry when we stop feeding them. They show no interest in putting food or anything in their mouths by themselves!!!!! For the teeth grinding we bought chewie things- but they will not let them near their lips!

They do enjoy if we kiss their heads alot. But the do not return any affection.

Next post I'll talk about the medical stuff- the surprises that we think must be incredibly common!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday August 22, 2011

It was Samson's 16th birthday today!! Yippee!

Even though J&P had a 2 hr first thing in the morning Dr visit. We spent the rest of the day focusing on Samson. He wanted dinner- pizza, and a football game.

I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. with J&P. We were exhausted. Even with our nap! LOL!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our new life, life will never be the same

Sorry I don't have any pictures. Hopefully Tom can teach me to download memory cards. I don't know how yet.

There are very few deep down helpful/informative blogs about adopting these children. I don't know why. This precious mom here- http://ourchinastarfish.blogspot.com/
is faithful about sharing the realities of adopting two precious children from an orphanage in Eastern Europe. In fact the same country we adopted from. Most blogs tend to "gloss" over the difficulties and heartaches. Yes there is joy, but much of it is hard won, to overcome the only life these boys have ever known takes work. If you read Jennifer's blog you can walk along side her feeling her pain and her joy as she speaks for precious boys that have not had a voice. Now they have a voice, her voice, their mom's voice.

As I begin to write our story I smile because I have seen Jennifer walk down this path. It is familiar to me. :o) Thank You Jennifer!

When Tom had Paul in the hotel in Bulgaria I could hear Paul coughing. I was worried. Tom noticed that Paul has a scar on his chest from a heart surgery. Paul's medicals state - No heart surgery, but a heart condition that needs watching. hmmm..... The cough can't be good for a boy with heart questions. So when he came home last night I noticed he couldn't breathe well and the cough was croupy sounding! OY! I went to bed listening to him fight to breathe well. He has a pillow in his crib which helps elevate his head and he's smart enough to use it! Good boy! So this morning desperate to help him I gave him a neb treatment. Wow! He knew what the neb was and he liked it. He wanted the neb treatment and now he can breathe. He has chronic asthma. Julius has concerns as well that we were not told of.

These boys have been housed (no one raised them) together in the same orphanage. And yet they do not know each other, they do not even like each other. They have completely different personalities. Julius has not given up on communicating with people, and Paul has a world that looks very autistic that he uses to avoid people at all cost. (This is why when Tom made Paul laugh last March the orphanage staff was in SHOCK!) They said Paul was "serious". No it's more like autistic.

Tom came in the house last night carrying Julius into the house; when I greeted Julius and said "hello" he turned away. He clearly can bond. He knew I was a stranger! So I went to Gabriel carrying Paul. Paul was not upset outwardly by my taking him but he averted his eyes and started flapping his left hand in front of his face and slapping his right ear with his right hand. Poor precious boy.

I had 2 playpens set up in the living room to put them in if we needed to put them down. Only Isaiah (7 yrs) was still up to greet them at 10 p.m., he took a long nap to stay up. :o)
We put them in the playpens and Isaiah and I talked to them without holding them, while Tom unloaded the car.
I was able to get both boys to laugh and they did like me. It was alot of work but worth the effort to be accepted by them. I had watched Julius push everyone's hands away, even Tom's. So I anticipated him doing this to me and pushed his hands first. This caught him off guard, and he thought is was very funny. Paul likes alot of physical contact, but not eye contact, if you tickle him or walked your fingers up his legs to his tickly neck enough times he responds. He even anticipated the fun of it. Tom was amazed they opened up so quickly to me- but hey! After parenting 15 other children, running a group home and doing day care I think I might have a few tricks up my sleeve! LOL!

They went to bed nicely. Paul has a crib in our large bedroom with a wooden standing "screen" on one side so he can't see us but he can hear us. I left a night light on. Julius has a playpen to sleep in with Samson and Isaiah, who are on bunk beds. Samson sleeps on top, Isaiah on the bottom bunk next to Julius. They went right to sleep. Isaiah went to bed fast; he wanted to be near Julius and he forgot to kiss me goodnight!

All through the night they grind their teeth and rock sitting up. Once asleep they fall foreward, legs still crossed. I unfold them. Paul struggles to breathe all night and makes very loud repetitive noises. Like humming and growling. Sort of like a chain saw. I think his tonsils and adenoids may be obstructing his airway.

Unfortunately I woke up at 4 a.m very sick to my stomach, throwing up. I was pretty upset because I knew caring for the boys would be hard enough, but throwing up made everything even harder. We missed church and I really needed church. Tom and Gabriel did what they could to help me, but I needed Tom to care for the group home clients! So the 4 youngest kids jumped in and played with the boys like they were toy dolls and everyone was entertained enough to be happy. It took until 9 p.m. for me to feel better. Good thing because they have a Dr appt. at 8 a.m. sharp tomorrow.

So we made it through day one. I think more food was spit out than taken in. They are very fussy eaters, everything must be smooth and liquidy or they gag and store the lumps in their mouths. They don't chew or suck. You have to spoon food over the tongue to the back of the mouth. Hard to do- they don't open their mouths well and they hold their heads down- giving no eye contact. They "drink" from cups with lots of tongue thrusting. They don't like bottles or sippy cups. Julius has chewed and flattened the edges of his tongue. The diapers we bought (Luvs)feel like air!! LOL! But so far no diaper digging. Julius will wiggle nonstop during diaper changes.

They are very loud but the sounds they make are not like "normal" toddlers. They are like loud wails. They do not look like they are experiencing any discomfort as they "wail". I can turn their heads to look at me to try to distract them, but they try to go back to "wailing". They do show sadness and frustration. Paul likes to hold his breath. They do cry loudly if they don't get their way. They love to spit. A curious thing is they show no fear. We have dogs. Big dogs over 100 pounds, and little dogs 25 lbs and 7 pounds. The boys do not even acknowledge their existence even as they lick their faces.

I think they are in survival mode because they are once again in a new environment trying to fit in the only way they know how. The blessings they bring are adding up quickly. :o)

Tomorrow is a new day!
(((HUGS))) everybody!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thank You!! God Bless you!! (donations)

I don't know who you are! But Thank You and God Bless you for your donations! How kind of you to help our precious boys Noah-Moses and Jacob!

Samson is anxiously waiting until Dad and his brothers come home at 10 p.m. tonight!

(((HUGS))) to all! :o)

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Our trip to pick up our boys Julius & Paul started out "normal". Plane reservations, packing, excitement. Tom and Gabriel landed safely in EE. Our EE helper picked them up and deposited them at their hotel. They picked up our boys the next day. We were beyond excited.

We were also excited to see and hear what was happening with our Dear Sister in Christ who was also in the same EE country as Tom, only on her first trip. She was going to another location/orphanage further away. She is adopting the most precious girl with Down Syndrome, from the same orphanage that our last 3 love bugs (Noah,Moses & Jacob) live. So I asked her, please if she had any time, could she hug our boys, or take a picture of them, or even just smile at them. I knew I was asking a huge favor. But adoptive moms have no shame, they are desperate to know how their children are. What I didn't know was that this request was more than huge- it was ENORMOUS! You see when this precious mom got to the orphanage, she not only found her precious daughter in this condition http://theblessingofverity.com/2011/08/my-baby/ , she also saw the many other children (including Noah,Moses,Jacob) in similar condition on that floor of the orphanage.

After much discussion, the orphanage Director allowed her to take photos and hug them for us. First she visited one of my boys who was/is very very sick in the infirmary receiving IV antibiotics. Then she held another one of my boys who sleeps in a "cage",and aggressively throws himself down screaming like an animal. Our third boy she hugged is 6 yrs old, he was either terrified or extremely agitated when he saw her.

But it was not just my boys or her daughter who were neglected in this place, it was also about 46 more severely disabled children on this floor.17 of the children in this orphanage have Down Syndrome. In the rest of the building there are 150 more children, not quite as disabled. The smell of the children I'm told is overwhelming and overpowering. I can't even imagine how she was able to process all that she saw there, because it was so much worse than anyone expected. She will never be the same. I don't know how I can repay her for using her precious time to visit my boys as well as her precious daughter. She has blessed our lives. Please keep her, her daughter and her family in your prayers.

We recieved beautiful pictures of all 3 boys on Wed. But we are not allowed to share them. Moses is so tiny- at 6 yrs old he's about the size of an 18 month old. Noah is 8 and looks like he also has FAS as well as his DS. Jacob looks much better than his picture on my sidebar. But it is concerning that he is so anti-social at 6 yrs old.

Tom and I were told that Moses was sick on Tuesday. We cried. Then I saw the pictures, he won't see them until Sat. and we cried some more. Each day we have cried tears of anguish over these three boys, Susanna's daughter and the other children in this orphanage. We rejoice to have Julius & Paul finally join our family, but cry because their EE brothers are needing to come home even faster. Tom didn't get any pictures of his stay with Julius & Paul sent to me this visit, and I only took the Skype photos below. We look foreward to updating their photos as soon as Tom gets home. But for now it is very bittersweet. Much joy and much sorrow. Not exactly what we had anticipated.

Our faith is strong- for He is faithful. I humbly ask your prayers for our last 3 love bugs to remain healthy enough to come home to us soon.
(((HUGS))) to all.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our hearts will never be the same again

Today we recieved pictures of our last 3 boys. But before the pictures came we were warned. Moses was very very sick. The boys are adorable. But Moses is so weak and sick. My heart hurts so much that I would get on a plane TODAY and go to him if I could. I tried calling to get some of our home study paper work done sooner by the Drs. But they are too "busy". Too busy to help us save my son's life. (cry)

If we can figure out how to get a medical Visa or a humanitarian Visa. We will beg for that.

We have seen the orphanage intimately now and the children where our boys are, are all in critical shape. My Dear Sister in Christ calls them baby/children. Because they are children in the bodies of a baby. This precious one is ELEVEN YEARS OLD and WEIGHS 10 POUNDS. My second birth daughter weighed 8 oz. more than Liliana when she was born! http://reecesrainbow.org/liliana-11-3 She desperately needs a family.

My Noah turned out not to be the boy I had posted pictures of, and the video of. My Noah is a different boy. I can't share his photo and I don't want to put his baby picture up. We hear he has more behaviors. He looks like he could have FAS with his DS. But how could he not have behaviors after 6 years without a family.

I wish I could also adopt the boy we called Noah. We are talking about adding another boy to our three boys. We are praying on this. Only God knows.

Tom and I have been changed to the point of selling everything we have to do whatever we can for these children. Is that extreme? We don't think so. We have property that we had hoped to sell to help finance our retirement. Now that we know we are not retiring, why not sell it now to help the boys. The realestate market here has tanked. But it may be worth selling now for the boy's sake. Our hearts are not the same. We now love boys who suffer beyond what we can even imagine. Our Moses' life is in danger. He desperately needs a momma and a pappa. We desperately need to answer the cries of these children.

Many years ago (24) when we opened our group home, I no longer had time to be with friends. My clients needed me. I was more than honored to serve my clients. It was not about getting paid. Although that payment blessed and supported us. I was more than blessed to be a part of their lives. But my "friends" did not understand. It was a painful growth period emotionally. It was lonely to live "different". The same thing happened when we started adopting, we lost friends again because some of our adopted kids weren't physically "cute" and had special needs. Again, we stretched and grew and changed for the better. And now this. Did I ever think that at ages 54 and 57 we would be called to rescue these souls from a life without love? That I would need to stretch and grow again? No. But what a blessing to be called by Him. Our suffering is nothing compare to Christ. We can do this, even at ages when others look for comfort in this world. We are not of this world, this world is not our home. Here we come Lord! Send us!

Please pray with us.

Rough day! (on Tuesday)

Yesterday Tom had delivered on his promise to send photos via Skype as he did last March.
Only this time they came as a file. Tom didn't know this and he also had incuded a video!
So I clicked on "open file" It asked as usual- "do you trust the sender". I said yes. And from then on I lost control of my computer until 8 p.m. Tuesday night!!!
I never did get the file open and did not see anything. I'll have to have him try again on Thursday, since right now it is Wed. afternoon in Bulgaria.

I have not had much sleep since Tom left. Neither has my helper Hope. I think she has tonight off of work so she can go to bed! Instead of to work. Last night she was not going to go to sleep, but by 6:30 she reluctantly lay down with her cell phone- LOL! And she did not wake up. I woke her up at 10:00 p.m. so she wouldn't be late for work.

I'm gaining strength as I work alone. God is good. He answers all prayer and lifts the weak and weary. I can do all things through Christ.

Hopefully we'll have some photos soon.

We also heard that our 3 love bugs in Bulgaria are being visited by another adoptive momma. We won't be able to post their pictures, but we will be able to see their precious faces. We are working on their Dossier & I800A diligently.

On PBS last night they were fund raising and selling the DVD set of Ed Sullivan. They showed comedians and vetriloquists. My youngest 4 kids ages 7,8,9,10 laughed so hard it was funny just listening to them! I remember watching Ed S. as a kid and loving it. I see that it is timeless! We need to consider buying it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My boys! Our boys!

More pictures of the boys from Skype. Julius in blue, Paul in green.

Paul has a heart surgery scar on his chest but there was never any mention of heart surgery? Today I call our Dr Chip who is our kid's heart specialist. I pray we get more info on this.

Samson is in LOVE with the his new brothers. He waves to them on Skype and repeats over and over- "Oh....cuuuuute!! Oh...cute!!"

We just want to reach in and eat them up they are so cute!

All of the clothes we bought, Tom had guessed on sizes for them, and they FIT!! Even the shoes!! Tom could never tell you what would fit any of our other 15 children (LOL!) but he was right on with sizes for these two! Praise God!

Tom said Julius will fight Paul if given a chance. Paul is too introverted to fight. They make lots of baby sounds. Paul humms himself to sleep. He likes to grind his teeth too. Julius just falls asleep. Julius is lighter built than Paul. Paul is stocky like our Samson. We hope they "forget" the feeling of having to "compete" with each other and get to know each other. We are hoping they can build a strong brother relationship.

Four more days to go. It feels like it's going slow today but I think it should go faster soon??!! LOL! At my age there is no such thing as time going slow!

Tom promised to send photos soon.

(((HUGS))) to all

and please remember Noah*Moses*Jacob in your prayers.

Thank You!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Because I am tired and don't have alot of help here, I'll just post some photos of our joy today! Tom and Gabriel have Julius & Paul with them. We enjoyed a nice visit over Skype. Julius is blue shirt, Paul is green shirt, Gariel is super handsome young man and Tom is the grandpa in the hat! Julius & Paul are doing great.

You can go here and see a child in Plevan from today- http://theblessingofverity.com/2011/08/my-baby/

This is also where Noah, Moses, and Jacob live. Please pray we feel so helpless. This is why I am crying today.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

YIKES!! The plane!!

Tom and Gabriel got all packed to go this morning, and drove to MSP airport at 12:30.

Then they sat and sat and sat. The plane was to fly to Chicago at 5 p.m. but bad weather prohibited it. Eventually they guessed at leaving around 7:15 p.m. They needed to catch the Munich flight by 8:50 p.m. in Chicago.

We all prayed here! And then I quickly e-mailed adoption friends to see what the options were if the flight was missed. We know so little about traveling by plane! The information was helpful- they would get re-booked. No new tickets to buy! (phew!) So we waited.

At 8:40 Tom called. They were on the Munich plane! Praise the Lord! They just made it!! Now we aren't sure if their luggage made it! But the most important thing was them to be on that plane! :o)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Where has the time gone!

It's time! Time for Tom and Gabriel to fly to Bulgaria tomorrow from the Mpls airport at 5 p.m. Where does the time go?

My daughter Hope (18) has stopped by twice to check on things pre-trip. That means alot to me! I think she is going to stay here with me. She will have her job from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. But she'll do what she can! :o) I won't be quite so lonely. I know- who can be lonely with 5 dogs, 2 group home gals, and 5 kids...............LOL!! Actually some people are lonely in a crowd.

So we are scrambling with check lists for packing. Tom is taking a few extra $$ in case they need supplies there.

Please keep them in your prayers!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Samson loves to hug!

This week Samson met my new employee Deb. Deb does my paperwork for the group home. I encouraged Samson to shake hands with Deb. (He shakes like a limp noodle! We practice alot!) Silly guy! Since he loves to hug, after he shook hands, he hugged me! LOL!! He just had to get that hug in!

When Samson's sisters Grace or Hope visit us he gets very happy. Sometimes if he is having a time out when they come, he will run out of his room and immediately apologize to me so he can hug Grace or Hope and say hello! One funny thing we noticed was that if he is having a time out and his brother Matthew stops by, he never apologizes so that he can visit with him! He really knows who he likes!

Yes, he has frequent time outs. It's not always easy to follow the rules when you see your brother Gabe (the same age as Samson) get away with things that you get caught doing. Oh! Well! He always says sorry eventually and we move on! He still loves me!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

frustration..........AND Noah on video!

We now have only 5 days till Tom and Gabe leave and so/too much to do! I need to make a check list!!

I'm so frustrated; our cash flow is down by $1,500.00 because it takes the airline one month to refund a ticket from Matthew backing out!! UGH!

(I apologize this was not Noah. We have seen photos of Noah today from his country. We were mixed up. These were other children living with him in his orphanage.)

This boy in the video is sooooooooooo cute, soooooooo precious! He loves to laugh and my friend Susanna (another Plevan mom) calls his smile "a million dollar smile". :o) I agree! His smile is priceless and he smiles all of the time! Every picture, video he just loves to smile!!

Our Noah has more behavior challenges and is not a happy boy. But then it is very hard for these kids to be happy there. The little boy in that video has Jesus in his heart.

(((HUGS))) to all!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Only 10 more days!!

Aaaah! I'm having panic attacks! Only 10 more days! We were planning to have our son Matthew (he's almost 20) fly with Tom, to Bulgaria, to help bring his new brothers home. But without even saying a word to us he backed out.

So Gabriel our precious son who is 16 volunteered to go with Tom. Thank goodness we got him a passport back in May! It cost $200 to re-book the ticket and the plane only had 3 seats left. Praise God we could do this. Gabriel is very very excited to see his new brothers and help Dad. After all this is not about us, it is about Paul and Julius! Satan take that!! These boys will come home! Praise God!

Gabriel is my best helper at home. He helps with the dogs. He cooks with the crock pot. Helps with meals. He cleans. He's very responsible. Our daughter Hope is coming home to help me while he's gone! :o) I'm really going to miss Gabe.

Julius & Paul will be home before you know it!