Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Special needs puppy boy

left to right- Bouquet (Great Pyrenees), Wulif (Shiloh Shepherd) Snow (Shiloh Shepherd) they are smiling at me :o)

Squiggy- Tri-Colored Pembroke Corgi
This little boy below is from a litter of 10 Great Pyrenees puppies. Five of the puppies in his litter died. Even with life saving efforts provided. This boy made it! By the grace of God!

And 4 other big fat puppies in this litter made it too.
Those puppies have homes.
This boy is tiny and will be small.
So his breeder can't sell him. She prayed to God for what to do. My name came to her from God as she prayed. He told her to bless us with the puppy! Then she sent me an e-mail with his photo and I was very surprised! I did not know the story behind him and as I was e-mailing her to say No! My e-mail shut down and wouldn't come back up! So I tried to save the draft, but it deleted it even after it said -save!! I did this several times until finally it sent. And then the phone rang and she explained to me his story. Wow!
After she told me the puppy boy's story. I told her we were adopting 5 boys from Bulgaria, two soon and three next year. It just was not possible to take a puppy. She understood.
After we hung up I prayed for him to find a home. Tom came up and said "maybe one of the adult kids would like him?" It then hit me how my adult kids always beg for one of my dogs because they are good, well trained dogs. I always tell them "No they are my dogs!" Then they say "Mom you have too many!" So this puppy could be trained by me and live with one of them! How fun! What a blessing!
He is a special needs puppy, he is tiny. He will not be a full size boy Pyr. We named him Babe from our favorite movie "Babe". In the movie the farmer was reluctant to take his (pig) Babe too. But Babe blessed his life. We think our boy Babe will bless our life too!
Bouquet in the picture on top is our girl from the same breeder. She is 20 months old, her AKC name is "Princess Hyacinth Bouquet of the Milky Way" We call her Bou or Bouquet for short. Bou and this little boy have the same mother. Bou was small too but not this small!!

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