Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

two brothers

Two brothers. One just turned 7, one 15 1/2. One brown, one white. One has DS, one does not. Both love each other dearly.

Isaiah (7) asks Samson (15 1/2) to help him carry the big boy box of toys to another room so they can play. Samson uses all of his muscles and coordination to help. Isaiah is not as tall or as strong. But their cooperation pays off! No spills or drops! Samson bumps into a door way, immediatly Isaiah asks "Are you okay?" Samson answers "Ya" Because he's pretty tough. ;o)

They play cool stuff together until it's time to pick up before bed. Sometimes Isaiah becomes bored with what Samson wants to play. But instead of leaving him alone so he can do something else; he gets a book and sits in a little plastic chair reading while Samson plays. No one tells him that he has to stay with Samson.

Samson helps pick up and crawls into bed. Isaiah wants to write something first, so he starts writing "To Mom" and makes a pretty design. Then he takes another small paper and prints carefully in all caps "I LOVE SAMSIN". This is easier said than done because Isaiah has dyslexia. But he writes it in his best possible printing. Samson has fallen asleep already. Isaiah sets the paper aside on his table for tomorrow so he can ask Samson what he wants him to draw next to the words.

Samson is teaching Isaiah how to be a big brother. Isaiah can't wait until his new little brothers Julius and Paul come home. With all of the love; patience and kindness, that Samson has taught Isaiah. I have no doubt that Isaiah will be the best big brother, just like Samson. And he will be writing more little notes about his love for his new brothers too.

Aren't boys precious?! :o)

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  1. Oh my! I just love boys. And it sounds like yours are absolutely precious...what a beautiful relationship.


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