Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Please Pray :o)

I read some slightly more updated reports about our 2 little pumpkins- Julius and Paul. They were for immigration.

Julius is quite healthy, he sounds slightly more delayed in his skills than Paul who is 3 months younger. (Julius turns 4 in June, Paul turns 4 in Sept.) Paul has a heart defect that they decided did not need repair. This concerns us, but our Samson has the best Pediatric Cardiologist in the state!! So we'll get his opinion too! Paul sounds quite active with his skills, picking things up playing with toys. Julius cries when sitting up for long periods. He prefers to lay down. They are not walking. Paul's strength seems weaker, due to his heart? Both have been hospitalized for upper respiratory things- pneumonia-bronchitis. This is very common in the winter in the orphanages. Some children die from these.

Please pray for all of our boys health. Please pray that it is God's Will for them to come home soon!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Forms-forms and more forms!

Tonight I should have been working on my taxes. But instead I started printing things off for the 3 love bugs Dossier. (Noah-Moses-Jacob)

Technically we can't really date anything until after Tom gets back from Bulgaria March 12th. But I printed off everything I could that didn't have an expiration date and filled it in. I even started filling in our I800A for Immigration. We can't send our I800A until the first 2 boys are home..........hopefully July?

I love keeping up the rhythm of filling the paper work out, because after the last 3 boys come home- I don't ever want to do another Dossier again!! :o) The first Dossier was the hardest. Now we know what we're doing!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

M.A. and her routine

It looks like my love M.A. is waking up here. But nope! She is getting ready to go to bed! And she is eating dinner! It takes her so long to get ready for bed now. We can't fix her dinner until she's done- around 7 p.m.
M.A. used to be very active and busy doing the things I asked of her. Things in the community. She helped me a lot. She loved being busy with the things that kept a household running. And then 10 years ago she told me she was too tired. She was too busy. Her legs hurt. She hid from me. She stopped talking to me. She wanted to do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. So I re-arranged her schedule the way she wanted and backed off unless it was non-negotiable! Like going on vacation! She has great difficulty transitioning now.
I had remembered how the Alzheimer's had changed our Susie before she died. I could see M.A. was having some of the same changes. And yet M.A.'s changes were more "normal" than Susie's. Normal for a 65 yr old. Now M.A. is 54, but her routine is very much like a woman who is 74.
Sometimes this is hard for me. I miss my old M.A. I miss the active ready to go shopping at the drop of a hat gal! We used to tell her she was "a wild woman"! She loved that! She'd tell others she was a "wild woman" too! I'm the same age as she is, and honestly she makes me feel quite old. It makes me sad. I try not to think about it. It is in neither of our control. I thank God for every day we have together. Only my husband has lived with me longer than M.A.
She is a gift from God in my life.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The boy's new sleeping arrangements cont.

The boys are loving their top bunks! Isaiah and Samson are a little neater on the top bunk now and not filling it up with lots of stuff like they did on the bottom bunk.

I decided to decorate Samson's a little. He LOVES sports. I had bought him wall stickers of the MN Wild hockey team on his birthday. Now these would be perfect on his new wall! Samson knows the logos to lots of sports teams!! He loves sports!! In fact he "runs" now because he thinks he's a sports guy!! So I climbed up onto his top bunk bed.........o.k. don't try to visualize a 53 yr old mom/grandma climbing up there LOL!! Too funny! I washed the wall and then I pasted the biggest Wild sticker................upside down!!(the one above)
O.K. so I didn't realize it was an animal head! LOL! The trees looked fine upside down! But something was off. Hope informed me it was wrong!

I did put these stickers below up straight!! :o)
Samson thought they were so cool. He loves them. We had the little "Don't pick!" pep talk with him too. Every so often he picks, so it's good to be prepared!!

Making room for more boys!

I have been thinking alot about when Julius and Paul come home. We will have Paul in the alcove area with a crib in our bedroom. Julius will be in a crib in one of the boy's bedrooms. (there are 2 boys bedrooms) Then we need to show Bulgaria and our Homestudy agency, that there will be room for the last 3 boys!

In the 2 bedrooms for the boys, one bedroom has 2 sets of bunk beds and a crib. The other is smaller bedroom, with one set of bunk beds. The boys here now are 7 (Isaiah) and 15 1/2 (Samson) and 16 (Gabriel).

It made sense to have the older 3 boys sleep on the top bunks of the 3 bunk bed sets. Julius and Paul are too little right now for upper bunks and beds (3 yrs old now and 4 yrs in June & Sept.) and they are probably used to cribs. Noah, Moses and Jacob could never climb up them, and may never climb up them. Although some day Julius and Paul should be able to have a top bunk like Samson!

So Samson moved into the small bedroom. He LOVES his new top bunk bed in there because it is also the play room! Samson worked hard on fixing his new bed with his things! He was so proud! Gabe was already on a top bunk. He'd rather be on a bottom bunk but he's doing this for his new brothers. Isaiah is now in the top bunk straight across from Gabriel! So they can see each other now! LOL!

Isaiah is thrilled with his top bunk bed. He's never had a top bunk before! He says it is like his very own space ship! LOL! He is Buzz after all! He has everything fixed so cute, his back rest, his puppy bone pillow (from 101 Dalmations) He has his little book pile at the end of the bed for light reading before falling asleep! (It's 3 joke books!) I told him he can't fall asleep on my bed anymore because I can't lift him up there. He said his bed is so cool he won't be laying on my bed anymore!! LOL!

We had so much fun arranging everything! It looks so ready for 5 little boys. The big boys are so excited. Everything fell into place perfectly!

God is good!
I'll work on photos!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Isaiah's new note to his beloved brother Samson

Samson can't read. But Isaiah doesn't understand that. Isaiah has dyslexia; so he thinks Samson is just having a hard time reading. He doesn't understand that Samson can't read.

Tonight Isaiah took a small piece of paper and drew a heart and a smile on it. Then he wrote- tO SAMSON. On the inside he wrote-
WeNehYou (whenever you)
call Me
It was just too precious. Samson carried the tiny note with him all day. Isaiah is a very good oral reader, but he still fights hard to spell and write.

We don't say to Samson "You can't read" or to Isaiah "You have dyslexia" So they just strive to do their best in whatever they do. It helps you realize how much they can do instead of what they can't do!

The patience and kindness they have for each other is inspiring!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

two brothers

Two brothers. One just turned 7, one 15 1/2. One brown, one white. One has DS, one does not. Both love each other dearly.

Isaiah (7) asks Samson (15 1/2) to help him carry the big boy box of toys to another room so they can play. Samson uses all of his muscles and coordination to help. Isaiah is not as tall or as strong. But their cooperation pays off! No spills or drops! Samson bumps into a door way, immediatly Isaiah asks "Are you okay?" Samson answers "Ya" Because he's pretty tough. ;o)

They play cool stuff together until it's time to pick up before bed. Sometimes Isaiah becomes bored with what Samson wants to play. But instead of leaving him alone so he can do something else; he gets a book and sits in a little plastic chair reading while Samson plays. No one tells him that he has to stay with Samson.

Samson helps pick up and crawls into bed. Isaiah wants to write something first, so he starts writing "To Mom" and makes a pretty design. Then he takes another small paper and prints carefully in all caps "I LOVE SAMSIN". This is easier said than done because Isaiah has dyslexia. But he writes it in his best possible printing. Samson has fallen asleep already. Isaiah sets the paper aside on his table for tomorrow so he can ask Samson what he wants him to draw next to the words.

Samson is teaching Isaiah how to be a big brother. Isaiah can't wait until his new little brothers Julius and Paul come home. With all of the love; patience and kindness, that Samson has taught Isaiah. I have no doubt that Isaiah will be the best big brother, just like Samson. And he will be writing more little notes about his love for his new brothers too.

Aren't boys precious?! :o)