Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, January 23, 2011

No news yet.........Samson's teen age rebellion

We had hoped and prayed that we'd hear something-anything on Friday about our Dossier being submitted. We didn't. I did hear our worker in Bulgaria was traveling. So "maybe" Monday we will hear something-anything!
Meanwhile, Samson has been in a mood. He was walking past me at dinner on Friday night, there was no room for him to get past me. So he smashed into me!! I pulled him aside and told him "You need to say Excuse Me!" I was then surprised as he threw his arms up in anger. That was very unlike him! Then he stormed off and he didn't speak to me for TWO days!! Because he was mad at me! He never gets mad at anyone!

Since he was avoiding me, his brothers and sisters told him he needed to tell mom he was sorry. But he quickly folded his arms across his chest and mumbled angry words about "mom" to them, refusing. Then I decided to give him a few consequences. No cookies. Still no apology. No pop and pizza at his brothers birthday party. He was not happy, but nope, no apology. His dad told him- "Tell your mom you are sorry". Nope. He was avoiding me and refusing to speak to me!!?? He has never done anything like this before!

Finally this morning two of his sisters semi-pushed him towards me and told him if he wanted cookies, pizza, pop, and TV, he better "Go apologize to Mom." He would walk towards me, and look at me; and just stand there. So after a few pushes closer to me, from his sisters, and after standing there and saying nothing to me; I asked him what he wanted. And he said "Sorry". It was still a little defiant, but he said it. I accepted his apology and he practically ran to go watch football!

And now he acts as though nothing ever happened!

So often we are told that teens with DS don't mature as quickly as kids without DS. But I would have to say after this incident- Samson is just as capable of being moody as his 3 teen age siblings right now. The hormones have physically have changed him. He already has facial hair and has begun maturing into a mans body at 15. His brother who does not have DS and is the same age has not even physically matured as much. Samson is not a late bloomer in that way. So I think it makes sense that yes, his new found defiance is indeed, just like a regular, normal teenager.


  1. We call it teen dementia (smile). Love my crazy teens...they're awesome!!!

  2. I totally agree. Teens are cool! I've always loved my teens!
    But kids with developmental disabilities it's hit and miss for these age appropriate milestones! :o) Our Andy, now 35 didn't hit teen rebellion until he turned 19 and WOW! It hit hard and fast!! We are really surprised that Samson is maturing so quickly, especially since boys also mature slower. But it's kinda cool too because we do treat him age appropriate- even if he isn't always sure what we mean! LOL!


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