Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, December 31, 2010

Our boys in Bulgaria

We heard after Christmas that a precious boy with DS living in an orphanage in Bulgaria, went home with Jesus. He was only 5 years old.

We also heard that the Minister of Justice (MOJ) in Bulgaria is not reading files until the first Friday of the New Year. Our Dossier is in Bulgaria. I think it may have been translated. But it is in line of others waiting. Paul and Julius are 3 years old. Hopefully they are healthy enough to make it home soon. Soon in a Hague adoption is May. :o(

Our three love bugs that we will bring home last are now almost 6 yrs old and Noah is 7. Can they make it until we get them? They are very small for their age. They are very delayed, much like the precious boy who passed away. Will they give up? It weighs heavily on our minds. We feel so far away from them, so helpless.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Samson my survivor

Samson was just about 3 yrs old when we drove to TX to to get him! He had just started walking. He was a very delicate walker! The wind could have knocked him over! In size he was just about the same size as his 3 yr old brother Gabriel. Although now Gabriel is much taller. He wasn't thin, he ate everything and anything! He was very quiet. He didn't speak or respond much.

His heart was repaired at 9 months, but it still leaks. They leak level was 3, but after a few months home with us it went to a level 2!! At 15 it is back to a level 3 but it has maintained itself! Praise God!

He needed his tonsils and adenoids out and tubes put in his ears. We did it all in one surgery. He cried from the shock of hearing. He was hard to console because he had never bonded with anyone. Although he did feel very connected to black Americans, his birth family and foster family were black. When he saw black people he would just stare longingly like "hey! I belong with you!" We are a mixed race family. He also was drawn to people speaking foreign languages for some reason? LOL! He'd walk over and pat them on the back and smile at them as they talked! It was adorable!

TX told us to put him in school right away. We didn't want to. But we did. That was our first mistake. After 2 years Special Ed preschool had had it with him. They asked me to come in to help them. They had a video of him refusing to do his school work. In the video he was offered m&ms if he complied. In the video he did not comply but they gave him the m&ms anyway?? Seriously?? I thought they were crazy. All of my suggestions were never used, so I quit offering them. I begged them to keep him in preschool when he was a just turned 5. Reluctantly they did. At home Samson was a very good boy, but not very attached to us. At school he hit and kicked and disrupted class (mainstream) and ran away. By the time he was 8 they suggested using the "blue room" as a consequence. Isolation. It was not good. By age 10 his school was found not to have passed the "no child left behind" criteria. I was told I could pick another school for him since they failed. So I did, I picked a school much closer to our house so that I could see/visit him in school more often. After observing him frequently I was not happy. I questioned them about things. Then the new school suggested sending him back to the other school, even the principal suggested that they could handle him better at the last school?

WHAT!? Handle him better. Were they crazy, he didn't have any behavior problems. THEY were the problem! They had him at age 10 riding in a wagon, room to room because he ran. But he had a one on one para-professional, wasn't her job to walk him from class to class? UGH! So I pulled him out of public school special education for good! Then the public school tried to apologize and keep him! UGH!

The 2nd mistake I made was putting him in OT/PT and Speech right away after leaving public school. He needed a break from school, he needed to bond with us. He treated the OT/PT people the same way he treated his teachers. So after one year we pulled him from that too.

And for 4 years we just homeschooled him. He bonded with us and he has turned into the most amazing kiddo on the planet! No I am not biased! LOL!! His speech improved 100%. He is just the coolest kid in every way! Yes he does a naughty thing here and there, but nothing like what he did in school! Last week we were at Target, 6 kids and I and the checkout gal asked everyone their names. When she asked Samson he said "Me!!" LOL!! Now this is a kid who used to drool, ignore, and repeat what was asked of him in words without consonants to anyone! (he loves vowels!) O.K. so it wasn't his name, he tends to think everyone knows who he is! But he was involved in conversing with her and listening to her! He's really learning so much more from imitation than teaching. What a cool guy! And he's all mine! LOL!!

He's a blessing from God!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Consumerism at it's best! AAAACK!!

There is a commercial on TV for Wendy's hamburger place, where they sing "My 99". I hate it because throughout the day I hear our 6,7,8 and 9 yr olds singing it frequently!! UGH! And we never eat there! We have an adult daughter who is a manager at McDonalds, we support McDonalds!! ;o)

So this morning as we were doing Advent readings and songs, I asked the kids to find Micah 5. And I decide to sing it to them to the tune of "my 99". I sang "Micah5-Micah5!" That should get the my 99 out of their head..........right!!??

Then I looked over and smiled at Samson. And he replied "I EAT IT!" The tune already had a meaning in his mind and it was NOT Micah 5!!

I almost fell on the floor! That commercial has even "infected" my precious Samson!LOL!! And he's not even a consumer group target! UGH!! Shhhhh! Don't let Wendy's know how well that commercial sticks!