Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cuteness continues

This morning as MA was sitting in her wheelchair waiting for the Senior Center van. She noticed a stack of scarves I had completed sewing, on the table. The teens had not put them away yet. These above are waiting to be sewn. (I wrote about my scarf making on the other blog.)

While no one was looking, MA scooped the new fleece scarves into her arms and sat in her wheelchair holding them. You see she thought "they" were her Busy Blanket I made her! It was so cute. We had to tell her they weren't hers.

After MA puts her Busy Blanket down to eat, use the bathroom or go to bed, it stays in her living room chair. And every single time she returns to it she asks "What's this?" :o) And she loves it like it's new again!
She is so cute, her heart is so pure (even if a few curse words slip out). Oh how I Love her!

Then there's THIS Princessa!
Oh my she makes my heart melt. My beautiful daughter. A Gift from God.
This is how she hides when we are taking pictures. We wish she would like her picture taken..............she doesn't.

Recently she "found" that if you pull your ears hard enough- they will bleed, and are possibly removable. :o(
We scrambled to stop this quickly. After brainstorming we decided to try wrestler's ear protectors.
(above she's telling Isaiah "no pictures" in her non-verbal way)

 At first she fought wearing the ear protectors. It's tricky choosing your battles with her. I really do respect her opinion. But ears must stay on heads. They are just too cute not to.

And so she loves them now and wears them willingly. Our prayer is that she will grow out of this new obsession, as she has with other obsessions. Unfortunately new obsessions start. And altho we can live with some of them, the self injurious ones are non-negotiable.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My sweet Love (friend) MA"

I saw a DIY blog that had a post about "Busy Blankets" for people with dementia and alzheimers. I knew MA would love a "Busy Blanket".

I was intrigued, I was wanting to make her one; but I am so short on time. I felt I just couldn't make one for sweet MA's birthday.

I looked to buy one. Most of the "busy Blankets" on etsy looked cluttered to me. Too much on them. Most were made of cotton quilting fabric. Not very soft. But then I saw the DIY post was using fleece! That would cut my time tremendously! I thought I just had to give it a try. Later the blog owner told me she'd gotten the fleece idea from another DIY blog friend.

If you are interested, I am going to post how I made my "Busy Blanket" on my other blog- Uncontainable Joy. Just click on the photo of the boys at the top of this blog.

I had to make her blanket pink because that is MA's favorite color! :o)

MA and I will both be 60. Her 60th was in December, mine is in the Spring. We have loved each other dearly for 30 years. I think of David and Jonathan when I think of our friendship. I love her more than a sister. We are not related by blood. I've shared everything about my life with her these 30 years.

She really liked the blanket!
So often she gets easily distracted by a loose thread or a clothing label. So I sprinkled just enough trinkets on the blanket to keep her busy!
Her favorite part is the scalloped edge, of the one unfinished edge! I ran out of pink to go all the way around. I scalloped all the edges with my olfa.
I also put a "tag" on it and wrote my name there so she can see that it's from me. She forgets. :o)

Everyday is a gift from God that she is here with us. A virus' or illness could sweep her away quickly. She's not physically strong. Years ago people with Down Syndrome who were elderly and had frail health did not live this long. I can't imagine my life here without her.
I Thank God for her!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Better late than never :o)

We did not dress up as pumpkins until November. We try to do this every October. But we had just returned home from vacation Oct. 3rd and hit the ground running with appointments. No down time till November.
Only Mercy refuses to dress up with us. :o(

 The "4" (teens) took these pictures. They started placing each brother in a seating order, so you can flip through the photos and it looks like a movie! :o) They are getting so creative with their photography!

                      Noah (front left) always up for anything.
Poor Noah his hat falls over his eyes no matter what we try!

Am I not BLESSED to the moon and back with these lovely gentlemen?
L to R Jacob 11, Julius 9, Samson 21, Noah 13, Pauly 9, Mosie 11.
My cup overflows!

The news on Noah's surgery is frustrating. He is too small for the procedure they prefer to use on young teens. But there is no guarantee he'll grow tall enough for that preferred procedure. He already has over 50% curvature of the spine and he is a candidate for "a" surgery. He has had a huge growth spurt in 4 years since coming home. But recently he's just been filling out into a more masculine teenager :o) Not growing taller. They want to wait and see. :o(
So today he will drive with Dad 70 miles south to endure 5 hours of fitting for a back brace that he will wear 17 hours a day. :o(
This is going to be hard. How do you explain this to him?

(Noah in the middle) He is going to be quite restricted in the brace. This is not what we expected. We wanted him to start a new kind of walking therapy. This brace could stop that.

Even Bug was dressed as a pumpkin! He borrowed our cat Violet's pumpkin outfit. Violet was more than happy to let Bug wear it for her! LOL!

Sunday, November 27, 2016


This morning was the 27th of the month. I only had days to fulfill my personal promise to God.
In my Thanksgiving to God I was still praying for an answer of where to donate this month.
I repeatedly asked this month for Him to show me where. I was getting worried!

There are always 2 worthy causes close to my heart I save to send money to. Both I've posted about on my blogs. Both I support as God allows.

And then I read a Dear Sister in Christ's blog post about this!


Please check them out.

I was delighted to read this~

We are going to try to donate to each Country as God allows.

PRAISE God for Brett and Jaelle answering His call!
In this season of giving- lets shower the people living on Trash Mountain with God's LOVE!!

Thank You!!
God Bless! ((((((BIG HUGS))))))