Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Oh sweet girl how you steal our hearts!

Sotos Syndrome plus a handful of un-related but worrisome diagnosis'. As if Sotos wasn't enough.These things make life hard for a little girl who is very brave! A little girl who was tossed from relative to relative until age 4 and then dumped at age 5 by a family who promised to adopt her.

Yes I say dumped because they nearly destroyed our chances of adopting her. They gave us little to 0 support during her transition. And the last time she was ordered by our State to go back before her next 30 day "visit" here. (a rule for the Adoption Inter-State compact)That family said she could not come back. Not even for one night.
And that woman counsels and approves adoptive homes in her state.

I am so proud of her. She has worked so hard to be the best sweet girl that she can be. We were told she hurt other children. So not true, she wouldn't hurt a fly. Yes she bit us, hurt us from time to time but it was out of opportunity not to be mean. Much like a toddler since Sotos delays maturity.

This Spring she started following her sisters around and copying them. She's beginning to mature more. It's so adorable!

One of the supplements that has helped Mercy is called- N-Acetyl-L- Cysteine. It is a cutting edge help for a variety of mental health issues.

She wears the wrestling ear protectors now because she likes them. (ugh!) She works hard not to hurt herself.

God has gifted us with so much. So much JOY and LOVE! Who are we as lowly sinners to deserve the goodness. Goodness that makes our hearts overflow! We PRAISE You Heavenly Father!

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Was it only 3 years ago wetook these pictures? And 4 years ago that Mary Anne survived pneumonia and ARDS only to bounce back to our loveable spunky gal.
And now she's gone...............
This was taken at the Lake in the Bunkhouse.

Me- "Mary Anne you are a nut!"
Mary Anne "What kind of nut?"
Me "Cashew!"
Mary Anne "Bless you!!!"
That was her favorite joke. We still say it to each other just to "hear" it again.

Oh the JOY of having her in my life. Even the cruel jealousy of her sisters and brothers and nieces and nephews could not steal that JOY! Here she's "giving the eyeball"!!

She loved us. And if she loved you, you were loved by every ounce of her being. She was fair and just. But when she was angry, and she could swear like a Sailor, you had it coming if you made her angry!

                                                  If I could only (((HUG))) her once more.

 SP looking pretty darn good here. Since she has a big health issue now she has aged more rapidly. SP is my sweet grumpy smarter than me friend of 28 years! :o)

I LOVE you Mary Anne! I thank God for you, He truly gifted me with the second half of your life, age 30 to 60. It was such happy years of my life!

 SP and the girls outside. She wanted to go in! ;o) Fresh air is good for us! Glasses are in a safe place so they don't get broken.
Just remembering today.
And spoiling SP as she eats ice cream, pizza, pop and coffee every day of vacation.
Life is short. (((HUG))) everyone!

God Bless (((HUGS)))

Friday, July 14, 2017

Trip number 2 to the Woods

 We arrived at 11 p.m. last Friday. (the 7th) Moses was very excited! He loves camping! Everything is set up now when we arrive. So they all had a snack and climbed into bed. They sleep in their clothes up here. We all do. Comfy tshirts, stretchy pants.

This is one of Noah's "funny" faces he likes to make. :o) He's not upset. He's such a goof with a wonderful sense of humor. Since he quit home therapy and started therapy at their location he's really blossomed! Jakie too!

 Julius sitting on the back pack he loves so no one else can take it! This is his "goofy" look where he tries to distract you from what he's up to!

 Pauly cute as a button but having a hard day. He's having a sedated MRI at the end of the month to see the effects autism is having on his brain.
He hates change. He's camped at the lake 2 years, stayed home 1 year, come here 1 year while it was chaos, and now to get him to accept the final result this is it, here now, may take a while.
When he gets home he's so cute, he walks from room to room checking if its still the same! LOL!

Mercy is just happy.
We found 2 incredible supplements that help her feel good! That is a gift from God and a miracle! She came to us addicted to Risperidone. We weaned her off. After we had her DNA checked they said Risperidone was one of the worst meds for her to tolerate. Last year she was on a supplement that I found and liked. She liked it too! This year her Dr called our old Psych who is super excellent with kids and meds. And he suggested the second supplement and a drug. I said lets just try the supplement first without the drug. It worked amazingly! Praise God! My baby is happy!
Now she follows her big Sissies copying everything they do! LOL! So cute!

That darn  cat! We brought her bigger cat cage from home up here. She never uses it at home anymore. We took the smaller cat cage home. We put her in it at home if we all have to leave the house, which is rare. The boys and Mercy LOVE this cat! They are so entertained by her! They like the dogs and pet them. But Violet excites them with her antics! (She does not excite me! LOL)

 Pauly sleeping in his little nest. He feels safe to sleep here. The big bunks make him nervous.

 Noah fast asleep in his big bottom bunk bed.

 Mosie sleeping in his trundle bed. He loves it. He peeks under Zay's curtain (left) and looks in his bed! LOL!

 Jacob was sitting up on his bottom bunk- Zay told him to lay down!

 Julius on his top bunk "pretending" he was (not!) sleeping!

 Miss Mercy in her bed on wheels that she rolls around the room and climbs in and out of just for fun!
She always covers her head when she sleeps. She stole Zay's blanket.

We got 2 new TVs. One for SP to watch her movies, movies that I don't allow the kids to watch. And a bigger one for us. They were really cheap at Walmart. We just play DVDs on them. Tom did get SP an antennae for hers to get a few channels. It rained here for 3 days and in that time Moses decided he likes TV now! LOL!
At home he watches signing time on TV with Samson. But not much else. Up here he hands us DVDs ordering us to put them in! The sun is out again so we tell him later! ;o)

Tom helping SP eat. As soon as we get here SP asks "What movie can I watch? When are we going to get ice cream and pizza?" So we look in the fridge to find something to tide her over until the ice cream store and the pizza place are open! I quick make a pot of coffee (decaf), her favorite!

Hope you are having as much fun as we are! (((HUGS))) God Bless!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Livin' Lodge ;o) or A boy a day keeps the Dr away!

This handsome young man is "large" and in charge! :o)
Moses (12) remembered coming here last year. He remembered that he liked it. Just as it was. No beds set up, no where to eat permanently. (we moved the table each time the builders worked) He was just happy to come with us.

What he didn't know was that the building was complete now. And all the piles of bunk bed pieces and shelving, were going to be put away!
He was amazed! But also incredibly bored watching us do it! LOL!
HE wanted to help!

These little riders were never on dirt. Only our deck at home and cement pad here. So we brought 2 into the lodge since there is space to ride them. Julius (10) can peddle now!! He loves it!

                             He is so proud of himself. It helps him burn off his excess energy.

Moses sleeps in his trundle bed tucked under a bunk. He does not want a trundle bed! He wants a TOP bunk bed!!
He spends a lot of time trying to "claim" a top bunk and show us he is big enough.

                                   Here he's snuck into sister Kitty's top bunk. He's busted! ;o)

                                             Nope, that's not another Hello Kitty! LOL!

Once on top the the 4 bunk beds intersect. Moses can't decide which he wants. This one is Julius'.

                                                 Now he's on Samson's. top bunk.

                   The rocking chair is Dad's chair. Until he gets out of it! Then its fair game! :o)

Pauly (9) is happy that the dining table, refrigerator and his bed are in the same room! Those things make him happy!

                                           Ooops! Noah (14) has Dad's chair now! ;o)

He's not sure if stealing dad's chair is o.k. with Kitty who is taking the pictures. Silly boy.

We have a big box of "camping clothes" up here. Noah loved this red shirt, even tho its a bit snug on him, but who could tell him no. This is camping!

Silly Jacob (12) loves this My Little Pony toy from the 90s! We always sent "old" toys that weren't nice enough to donate, up north. These boys love toys to death. At home toys become trash. So these are the last of the "old" toys ever sent up.

Mosie still in Samson's bed. The beds are decorated from home, where we used them before our son in love Dan made us (2) triple bunks for home.
The teens want to re-decorate/paint the old bunks up here.

                                          An old footstool from home now holds toys.

Samson turns 22 this summer. Where does the time go. He misses his home routine so he's a bit bored here this week. We need to get a schedule going for him. At home he likes to use his alone time cleaning up, vacuuming, folding clothes- helping wherever help is needed. He loves to help. Often I think "Wow! The teens cleaned this up nice!" Nope it was Samson!

Samson's picture above starts Kitty's favorite picture sequence, first 1 boy (Samson)

                                                                       Then Two boys

                                                                                 Then Three boys

                                                                            Four boys

                                                                              Five boys

                                                                  and lastly SIX boys!! LOL!

Plus one beautiful girl! Miss Mercy (9). She cried the last hour we drove up here. It's a 2 hour drive. That's my limit :o) And then she cried when we put her to bed the first night.

We held our breath because last year she hated the trailer. And she hated it here period.

I think you can tell by her first picture above................SHE LOVES IT here!!! ;o)
She's wearing one of Gabriel's old tshirts from the 9os. Gabriel loved Winnie the Pooh. He called Eeyore- "donkey now". Because in the Pooh song they sing "A donkey named Eeyore" but Gabe sang "A donkey now"!! LOL!

A lazy susan I painted for the table. There are 2 tables, the eating table and the multipurpose table.

                                          Ta-Da! My bunk set up! These are the 4 bunks.

Tom's bed in front of the teens 4 bunks.
SP's bed is to the far left by the couch. Mercy has an extra large hideaway crib on wheels. Pauly has a hideaway smaller crib on wheels, Moses has the trundle bed. I sleep in the large trailer (with the dogs) since I get up early to get breakfast ready, the lunch soup going etc. That way I don't wake anyone up.
I can also sew/repair things later in the night without bothering the sleepers.

The couch by the front windows. I'm recovering it tomorrow. These are just sheets on it. SPs bed is along this wall on the other side. Moses is looking out the french doors.

My beautiful french doors I waited 17 years for!! They have blinds in the glass. Vandals destroyed the sliding glass door we had before.

My sweet photographer (Kitty) eating clover. I should never tell them what is edible!

Thanks for stopping by! (((HUGS))) and prayers! God Bless