Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The youngest 6 Loves

 The youngest children love to play out here if the bugs aren't too bad. They come out first thing in the morning. Eat lunch on the picnic tables. By afternoon its too hot out here. 
Only Julius likes to go in the grass! :o)

 We keep the riding toys in the new "washing" shed. We call it the washing shed because the front half has an ikea kitchenette for washing dishes. The back holds our laundry tubs and washers.

 These 5 boys are the best! I'm so proud of them. They have come so far. They are amazing! They ALL give the best hugs!!
Left to right- Pauly 10, Moses 13, Jacob 13, Noah 15, Julius 11.
Julius is tallest, then Noah who's growth plates have started closing, then Jacob. All 3 wear size 8 boys.

 Pauly with his heart condition is quite short. But a lot taller than he was. Pauly and Moses wear boys size 5.

 Moses has reached 4' with growth hormone. We'll continue the hormone, but aren't sure about it, after a year he only grew 2". But that's more than he did on his own. He loves being taller! :o)
He and Pauly are about the same height.

 Julius is quite tall. He doesn't seem to value his height much, taking it for granted. He liked it when he was smaller and could sneak into things easier! LOL!

 Jacob wishes he were shorter so he could hide away from everyone easier!! Silly kid!

 Noah loves his height! He asserts himself and gets what he wants by moving in on the shorter boys. He is quite moody as a teen, but he is so full of love who can notice teen moodiness! ;o)

 This precious girl will be 11 next month. Oh how we adore her. She's is 5' now. Kids with Sotos tend to be tall. She wears the wrestling ear protectors to mute noise. She hates loud noises and certain vacuums. She easily bosses all of her big brothers around! But Moses gives her a run for her money.
Big sister Faith cut her hair last time. Mercy screamed through the whole thing. She only likes certain people to do certain things. I'm the hair cutter she accepts, altho she still complains about it!

I could not post without including big brother, who helps them all and teaches them responsibility. What an amazing role model!

Friday, August 10, 2018

This young man helps keep things going!

I love this picture above! :o) Samson is always included in everything. Here he's holding their latest wild life "find"!
These are his oldest teen siblings still at home. left to right- Faith 17, Kitty 15, Isaiah 14, Lysa 16.

                                Above relaxing in the Lodge on a hot day.

 He's super excited today! Today HE gets to mow! Usually he's the mower helper. Collecting sticks, rocks, pine cones, so they don't get mowed over.

 The lawn may not "look" like it needs mowing, but believe me, the lawn grows super fast in the Woods! Since we were up last time for 4 weeks, we kept it short. That way when we returned it was manageable! 

                He's all ready! A hat for flies, gloves for blisters!

Dad completely covered.........for flies?? He's chicken! The mower is now started. Samson builds his confidence to move it! Dad tells him which way to go!

 And off he goes! He's very confident! He's really not worried about any danger. So we help with warnings. :o) Everyone has to learn that way don't they!

 At first he didn't realize he needed to mow straight ahead before turning! ;o) After all its a long way isn't it!!

 His vision is compromised, he has a visual field that is higher, and looking down is challenging. So going straight was abandoned for now. We needed to put a target at the end for him to mow towards! We are learning too!

 Dad helps him turn so he doesn't get caught up under the pine tree!

 Helping him learn to keep "straight". He's a very fast learner!

Now he's got it!! He did a fabulous job! He mowed until he became tired. He has a heart condition so he lets us know when he's tired. He never uses his heart as an excuse. So we watch him too. The lawn mower is heavy!

Isaiah just keeps him company and sometimes helps him turn. Samson prefers mowing with someone he loves than alone!

Proverbs 18:24 New King James Version (NKJV)

24 A man who has friends [a]must himself be friendly,
But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

God Bless!! We are so glad you stopped by!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Men working hard in the Woods!

 Samson has been learning a lot about plants in the woods. Kitty, his younger sister (15) taught him that white and purple clover tastes good. He doesn't always nibble on them, but he always enjoys picking them! and letting us know he found some! 
Writing these posts make my heart fill with JOY!

 When we come up to the Woods the first visit, there is a lot of work to do! Last year these 2 guys stained and wore through quite a few Tshirts and pants; while tearing apart old broken things we could not longer use. And they built newer stronger things. 

So I bought them coveralls!
I was going to make/sew them, but honestly they were cheaper and faster to buy. 

What a delightful man Samson has grown up to be! He has just blossomed in so many ways. He's learning to say "no" more. Not worrying as much about pleasing his little brother Isaiah.
And he uses that no with others too!

For example, Isaiah loves to sleep in the tent. It is a small 2 man pup tent. (our others were demolished from use by grown kids) He tells Samson- "We are going to sleep in there tonight!" and Samson agrees.
The next night Isaiah tells him the same thing. Samson says "No, I have to sleep in there!" as he points to the Lodge where his soft comfy bunk bed is!
It makes us smile!
Now.............if only Isaiah would stop growing so tall! ;o) Samson is 8 years older than Isaiah. 
I know how Samson feels! I have a sister 9 years younger than me and she is way taller than me! When I was a young married mother- she already towered over me when she was 13!! LOL!

The Love of these brothers is beyond what I ever hoped for both of them. The same age siblings he grew up with have chose not to see him in years.
Every year as Isaiah grows and learns himself, he includes Samson.
The LOVE of Christ shines through them.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Brothers to Eternity and beyond!

 Isaiah and Samson's relationship continues to grow. They each have a suit, the same size. They decided to trade vests, ties and shirts for fun. Kind of a guys wardrobe fashioning! ;o)

Isaiah's next new suit is bigger, so next year they won't be able to do this.

When Isaiah was a baby he spent a lot of time with his brother Gabriel who is the same age as Samson. Gabriel does not have a disability. Gabriel left home at 18 and never looked back. We miss him dearly. He broke Samson's heart, and Isaiah was quite hurt.

 Life went on and Samson doesn't miss any of his older brothers or sisters anymore. And Isaiah has been too busy growing into a fine young man. He has matured so much, and he's only 14. We are all so proud of him and Samson!

It took that growing and maturity to help Isaiah love his brother in ways that astound us. Isaiah does not "see" Samson as disabled. He only sees his brother, and all his brother's abilities. This Gift from God that Isaiah has been given brings us all JOY as we watch them interact each day.

Isaiah was the reason we adopted the younger six. He was 5 and he did not want to be the youngest!(the baby!) He didn't care if his younger sibling/s were boys or girls! :o) Those younger brothers and sister have taught Isaiah also. They have taught us all!

Our local Park has activities once in a while. This year they decided to let kids make a Tree ornament. Our Teens always go by themselves, but this year we decided that Moses should go too! Moses became a teenager in February!

 Moses made a GingerBread man. He did an amazing job there!
The four Teens took him on their own.

 Isaiah and Samson dressing for Christmas dinner. Sadly Isaiah keeps wearing these too small sweaters/clothes because he forgets how big he's getting! LOL! He's taller than me now!

 Isaiah tilted Samson's head here. Samson tilts his head back because that is where his visual field is best.

                                   My goofy goofy wonderful amazing young men!

You can't see here but in front of Samson is Isaiah's new saw table. Samson is helping him put it together.

 They have a new helper now!!! Moses is the official tool holder. Here he has a screwdriver ready for when they need it.

 Julius our little handful is now very into building! It took a long time for him to understand the concept. But now he gets it!

 It's a good thing he's adorable, because the saying "Curiosity killed the cat" literally applies to him. :o)

Next time I'll put photos up of Jacob, Noah, Pauly and Mercy.
Jacob and Noah have PT only 1x a week from November to May now! Soon they will graduate! Jacob walks circles around everyone. Three of the boys (Noah, Jacob, and Julius) have huge clunky AFOs. And Noah is still fighting Scoliosis with his big clunky cast he has to wear.
Everyone seems to have grown so much since we got home in October!